The Plastician, Digital Mystikz & Roll Deep – Grime & Dubstep Special Essential Mix 12/02/2006

The Plastician, Digital Mystikz & Roll Deep BBC Radio 1

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The first Dubstep Post on Breaksblog was getting so much positive Response i decided to post this one for you up to check out … 2 hours of dutty beats and bass.

“As part of Radio 1’s British Music Weekend The Essential Mix presents 3 crews and DJs from the Grime and Dubstep scenes.”


The Plastician

Aftershock ‘Tug Of War’ (Aftershock Recordings)
Chunky B ‘Diss Me Like Dat’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Shattered’ (DMZ)
Digital Mystikz ‘Untitled’ (DMZ)
D.O.K. ‘Boogeyman Remix’ (Aftershock Recordings)
D Coy ‘Barbarian’ (Dubplate)
Roots Manuva ‘Colossal Insight (Jammer Remix)’ (Big Dada)
Footsie ‘It’s War’ (White)
Geeneus ‘Parasite’ (Dumpvalve Recordings)
Geeneus ‘Old Skool Chapter II’ (Dumpvalve Recordings)
The Plastician ‘Cha VIP’ (Terrorhythm Recordings)
The Plastician Featuring Shizzle, Fresh, Napper ‘Cha Vocal’
(Terrorhythm Recordings)
Wiley ‘Murkle Man Instrumental’ (White)
Jammer ‘Murkle Man Outburst’ (Jah Mek The World)
Flirta D ‘Murkle Man Freestyle’ (Dubplate)
Ripperman ‘Rubble’ (Adamantium Music)
Wiley ‘Dragon Stout’ (White)
Slu Dem ‘Grime’ (Slu Dem Productions)
Young Dot ‘Bazooka’ (White)
Scratchy ‘Shangooly’ (Dumpvalve Recordings)
Skepta ‘Duppy’ (Risky Roads Recordings)
Skepta ‘Duppy Vs Request Line’ (Dubplate)
Skream ‘Request Line’ (Tempa)
Macabre Unit ‘Lift Off’ (Terrorhythm Recordings)
J Sweet ‘Kerb’ (Sweet Beatz)
JME ‘Deadout’ (Boy Better Know)
Jon E Cash ‘Hoods Up’ (Black Ops)
Wiley ‘Gangsters’ (New Era Music)
Wonder ‘Undertaker’ (Dubplate)

Digital Mystikz

Digital Mystikz ‘ Misty Winter’ (Soul Jazz)
Digital Mystikz ‘Earth A Run Red’ (Soul Jazz)
Loefah ‘Left Right Left’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Blue Notez’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Serious’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Torture’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Haunted’ (Dubplate)
Skream ‘Tapped’ (Tempa)
Digital Mystikz ‘Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)’
Loefah ‘Goat Stare’ (DMZ)
Digital Mystikz ‘Shattered’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Left Leg Out’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz Ft Spen G ‘Anti-War Dub’ (DMZ)

Roll Deep

Roll Deep ‘Creeper Vocal’ (White)
Roll Deep ‘Runaway’ (Relentless)
Roll Deep ‘Stingroller Vocal’ (White)
Roll Deep ‘New Dawn’ (Relentless)
Wiley ‘Gangsters’ (Wiley Kat)
Wiley ‘Eski Boy’ (Wiley Kat)
JME & Skepta ‘Don’t Get Rude’ (Boy Better Know)
Flirta D ‘In Da Club’ (White)
Nocturnal Ft Ghetto ‘Back In A Big Way’ (Nite Knights)
Trend ‘Untitled’ (White)
Eski Boy Instr ‘Still Tippin’ [Plastician Rmx] (White)
Skepta ‘The End’ (White)
Skepta ‘Are You Done’ (White)
Nocturnal ‘Back In A Big Way’ [rmx] (Nite Knights)
JME ‘Awox’ (White)
Ruff Squad ‘Extra Rmx’ (White)

43 thoughts on “The Plastician, Digital Mystikz & Roll Deep – Grime & Dubstep Special Essential Mix 12/02/2006

  1. it’s working fine!

    just left-click on the link, go to the bottom of the page and left-click download mp3-file.

  2. Damm thats a fat tracklisting.

    And the mp3 file is huge I thought they would at least chopthe 1xtra recording in half and split the three krews.

    But hey all is good…….



  3. After hearing this mix by these three krews, I’m really confused????

    When listening to “The Plastician”, it’s make me think like hhmmmm???? WTF!!!!!!

    I mean i’m really lost in this “Grime and Dirty Dubstep” thing, Some of the selections that The Plastician sounds more like Hard Techno music mixed with Rap music. You got at least admit there is a bit of Old Skool “Hardcore Rap sounds” in this new type of music put out.

    This stuff sounds as if British producer “Klute” met up with American Krunk producer “Lil Jon” along with a little bit of N.W.A mixed in and you came up with this stuff???Then I guess you would get the Grime part, which sounds like “Techno Krunk music”or maybe this type of Beats that goes against our beats over here which is “Krunk”.To be honest I’m not into “Krunk” music, and down here in the U.S. it’s not as “Hyped Up” as they make the shit seems. But if anybody reading this can you guys here educate me on this new thing called “Grime”. Cause over here I’ve have never heard of this type of styled music before. I’d love to know who came up with this stuff!!!!!

    Very strange………..shit

    Dubstep sounds more like “Dirty South and Jungle Reggae” mixed together…….correct me if i’m wrong!!!!

    Wow man…..

    I didn’t know that “We” (American MC’s) had such influence to the British Rap scene yo… …But I don’t think stuff all bad, I mean it’ has me really confused though as to what the hell it is????

    It sounds like Rap but at the sametime it sounds like Techno/Reggae warping bassed sythnizers.

    Anyway all is good when people from other countries come up with new shit!!!!Peace to the whole UK Hip-Hop krews and Dn’B’ers

    If there’s anybody on these boards that is, can give me some up dated “History” on these two new types of music. I’d like to know how this shit all began, and who’s the Krews who making this stuff come alive!!!

    I’m just catching up with the rest of the world on music. And I’m always interested on what’s out there so……..

    Peep me back about this……..Peace

  4. looks like he’s afraid of using just one nickname.

    come down you essay writer whoever you are. its just about this nu ting called ‘dubstep’ from south london. more about this stuff here

  5. Man thanx guys

    sorry for the mid-long post………i’m new to this site. Wow after seeing checking out that link, thanks Tim, for giving me the link.After seeing this British essay website. It make me think as an American, how our culture and way of life have illy effect different people in other countries. Me being “Black” and looking at other “Blacks” in Great Britian. It makes me wonder WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING TO OUR MUSIC!!!! (Hip-Hop). To me “Grime” is no different other than “Rap”. The only difference between this British scene and American, is that “Grime” is 100% Getto Britxton…….

    Straight from da hood…….!!!

    But me watching this little essay, makes me wonder as not only as a African-American but as an American. To what we are doing to our own generation as people. I hope you guys here at is okay with me using this link so show my fellow peeps here back in the states. You know I can totally relate to what they are going through in their Hood’s in Brixton. At totally the samething back in the states, just different countries. I have even witnessed the same sad shit happen in fellow countries like France for instance.

    As an American MC, this only makes me want to change the way i’m music (Hip-Hop) have illy effect others. I FEEL REALLY HORRIBLE how our mainstream has really destroyed or culture as colored people. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! The worst thing that could happen if for you guys there at Britian to be “Poisoned” by our music!!!!! I hope that anybody who’s listening to this stuff realize and understand that THIS IS NOT THE REAL WAY HIP-HOP IS IN AMERICA, or anyother type of music.

    I thank you guys here for the links……plz keep them coming so I can know more about you guys Newest Scene.

    Please don’t believe the “Hype”

    Peace……..Worried Listener

  6. “…..i’m new to this site.”
    hahaha – you must be the worst liar ever.
    tis all good mr. akai. you dont have to cloak yourself!

  7. I really don’t know who you guys here keep referring too? But I do agree with the “blingbling” killing off germans. I’ve have even heard that there in germany theres a new kind of “Rap” that is called “Nazi Rap” happeing there???

    That too worries me……. :-(

  8. i know fler and i heard a few of his rubbish tunes. tis just a kid (and the only one i ever heard about) trying to arrest attention using nationalistic lyrics. and arresting attention is the only reason why hes been dropping lyrics like these.

    dude …


    fucking press.

  9. @Worried Listener

    “It make me think as an American, how our culture and way of life have illy effect different people in other countries.”

    Your boring culture und your “way of life” also exists in the rest of the world and it’s not an invention of your country.

    Dubstep is much fresher than 50 Cent & Co.

    Rap from the U.S. is always the same s… :)

  10. Just had a chuckle reading ‘worried listener’ / Mr Akai / Boom Selector’s incoherent ramblings… I didn’t realise that Breaksblog had become so political… and theres me thinking it was a place to download drum & bass mixes.

    I think his yawn-worthy essays only highlight the differences between us and the Americans (although I am sure that they hold as much contempt for him as we do). He sounds like a cartoon 50 cent…

    As for the German ‘rapper’ business… well thats just weak media bullshit, trying to hype people into a frenzy (as per usual) over something very small and insignificant.

    blah blah etc etc… time for a smoke

  11. I don’t whether to hate you or educate you???

    But i’m not trying to make enemies on this blog site by dissing you or being sarcastic. But calling me a “Cartoon 50 cent”, seems more racist than funny. In fact before you start to go completey off on me, and throw cuss words at me.

    Think about this…….

    I don’t know if most white British studio pioneers think know about this, but 99% of the sampling that is used in Drum n’ Bass is from “Black” culture. And most of the drums breaks used in Dn’b was 100% invented by “African Americans”in the early 60’s to late 70’s who are “American”. You may or may not like what i’m telling you, but before you start blaming Americans for destroying the rest of the world with our music, don’t forget THAT YOU BRITISH FOLKS take your samples from us (America) .

    I love dn’b and If I myself were to meet one of your British DJ’s. I would show much love and respect to what they have put down in this music sence.

    If they are Black or White Brits it does not matter to me. example ( 4Hero,Shy FX, Grooverider,Equinox,Fabio etc.)

    But understand that if it wasn’t for us “Dark-skinned Yankees”, you “White British” musicians out there would be playing Gay ass boring “European Orchestra” music on your sets/dex. Singing fucking “Hokey Poke Songs”. We (blacks) put the “Funk” in your steps.

    So if it wasn’t for us. THERE WOULDN’T BE NO DRUM N’ BASS MUSIC OF ANY KIND!!!!

    So I think you calling me a “Cartoon 50” is not only a direct racial remark against me, but one against all musicians who are “Black”, British or American. I hope by you reading this little comment of mine, you and that asshole who agreed with you will be reminded that we (Blacks) made up most of this music shit!!!!

    Rap and All!!!!

    It’s just that some people don’t want to give us enough credit for it!!!!!! (hence Legend Kool Herc and Winston Bros.) Like great Legend Lyn Collins, who was also black female singer/songwriter said in her song from “James Brown” band.

    “Think About It” – which is also an “American” break you Brits use in your music!!!!!!

    Peace to all people……Of all colors. :-)

  12. Yep. And if there weren’t a white guy by the name of Tesla, you’d all be sitting in the dark right now.

    Or would you?

  13. Tim – Is that because you want Mr Akai/BoomSelector/EducatedListener to go elsewhere with his boring essays or because you like what he says? (just curious)

    Ed Listener – I skimmed through your boring detritus but didnt want to give you the satisfaction of reading it… enough with the essays.. dont you realise noone cares…

    I am fully aware of the impact black music has had on all forms of music, but you can f**k off with trying to make out we white ‘folks’ would be listening to orchestral music… thats bullsh*t and mildly racist… If you want to get into a conversation of that nature with me then be my guest… By your logic I could say that without us white folk you wouldnt have a computer or the internet to type your bullsh*t online.. so balls!

  14. hello, LOL! YOU personally want credit for what @ listener bod?! being black?! making music?! SHUDDUP! hehehe funny fucker! i like grime/dubstep yesh i do. *does handstand* cheers for mirror thingy. really feelin that tune by skream called ummm late night request line ya.

  15. Why is it that everytime I try to explain the good things in life someone has to try and pull me down.

    No it’s not that i’m trying to make a essay by writing alot of stuff here on this blog, its that I think that people here on breakblog have a right to say whats on there minds. And me mentioning about “boring Engilsh Orhestra” thing was not a “Mildly Racist” comment. But rather an expression of my own opinion.

    If there is anyone who is white, please do not take my comments out of text.

    Rather try and understand that “Blacks” as well as “Whites” both make great music together. But also at the sametime we (Blacks) don’t ever really get credit for what we do in life. Thats all………..This whole thing is not about “Who’s Race is Better” or “Who made What First” but rather just any openly honest opinion that SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN AS A INSULT!!!!!

    Think of what I said more like a “History Lesson”. Where people of all races can learn from.

    Black as Well as White………..

    So i’m not going to “Flame” at you, I’ll just ignore your Ignorance attitude towards blacks.

    Ed – “It takes a Real man to walk away from a Fight.”

  16. You are a moron, get off your high horse and stop trying to ‘educate’ people with you boring shit. You clearly have a very large chip on your shoulder

  17. @ Educated Listener

    “And me mentioning about “boring Engilsh Orhestra” thing was not a “Mildly Racist” comment. But rather an expression of my own opinion.”

    You truely believe in your opinion that everyone in the UK “would be playing Gay ass boring “European Orchestra” music on your sets/dex. Singing fucking “Hokey Poke Songs”.”??!?!?

    Thats just f**king retarded! Your statement can only be seen as mildly racist or you are obviously a very simple person happy to formulate an opinion without any actual thought, I’ll let you decide!

    oh yeh and grime, its aweful.

  18. That Digital Mystikz set is the butter for my bread!! I can’t get enough…

    love that nasty bass sound coming from the old Jamacian sound systems that used to play the dub reggae in the 70’s…

    this will stay underground, right where I like it!

    It hasn’t hit in Chicago yet, but the grime is here and I can’t wait to see it go away!

    BIG UP! to J DA FLEX for introducing this sound to me on BBC 1Xtra…

  19. This sound is so ridiculously dope. I wish there was something this fresh going on stateside right now. All kinds of respect to the kids in the UK pushing the sound.

    I know I caught this post kinda late, but I’m heading to London in May and if anyone could run me down a proper dubstep night to check out that would be amazing.

  20. This is the fresh new music that’s coming outta the uk….and it near enuff excites me to think how this stuff is gonna progress….

    It’s tuff anyways!!

    safe 4 the link

  21. yer iz ryt we wont be play orchestra shit in liverpool there was just pure simple mcs goin around since dates of 1930 and dey were white but like in yankland no affence its just scouse for sayin america ud call dis form off old style mc acapela no beat jus rhimes but dey brought an a twist of hip hop and made rave witch is like tecno so yeah my scouse culture made rave and anufer culture made grime but that was probably there ages ago and jus added abit off shit it heard from ova styles of music but i av

  22. heard grime and it aint nowere near wot u say all black music allthough it is black music its more urban and name changin lad uk is fukin alot different to usa so if yano abit ya dont no it all and soz guys bout da history lesson but da lad is ryt u have to get ya point acros i dont meen none of this in a racist way or against anyone in anyway and yea grime is fukin amazin

  23. i’m looking for the title of the track that begins abot 12:30-12:40, in between geeneus – old skool chapter II and plastician – Cha

    it’s not on the tracklist and i need to know! Probably and unknown dubplate but still i keep my hopes up!

    SO PLEASE if you know, let ME know!!


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