Spectrasoul & SP:MC – DOA / Month of Horizons Pt.2 11/2006

Spectrasoul Horizons

host: dnbshare.com | info: myspace.com/spectrasoulsdnb

Spectrasoul might have caught your attention lately by deep his and rolling tunes on Shogun LTD. Now check his DOA / Horizons Mix backed up by SP:MC. Dope beats inside – dont miss out.

01. SpectraSoul – III Note Soul
02. Calibre – Mr Maverick
03. Break – Let It Happen
04. Klute – Revolution
05. Nu:Tone – Missing link
06. Brooklyn – Stages (Commix Remix)
07. SpectraSoul – In My Arms
08. Switch & Icicle – Looking Away
09. Alix Perez – Backlash
10. Insight – In Orbit
11. Noisia & Teebee – Time Stops
12. SpectraSoul – Tomorrows Promise
13. Friction & K-tee – Overtime
14. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Lose Control
15. 4hero – 9X9 (MIST Remix)
16. Calibre – Release Me
17. Trax – Tomorrows New Dawn (Commix Remix)
18. Alix Perez & Mc Fats – Down the Line
19. Calibre – Fire & Water
20. Noisia – Brainstitch (Noisia Remix)
21. SpectraSoul – Cherry Smoke
22. Beta 2 – Conquest
23. SpectraSoul – Blue State
24. SpectraSoul – Some Day Soon

21 thoughts on “Spectrasoul & SP:MC – DOA / Month of Horizons Pt.2 11/2006

  1. OMFG

    Alix Perez & Mc Fats – Down the Line

    Su-fookin-poib :D :D

    And it’s always good to see older tunes bein mixed with young ‘uns.

  2. jepp jepp thosse spectrasoul tuness.. daammnn, they had a couple of reaaly good tunes up on their myspace and then they changed and added new ones :) wich are alls daaamnn good,,

    ROCK ON!

  3. Pretty much everything Break touches turns to gold.. the mans on fire… one of the best producers on the scene no question!!!

  4. Some great tracks nicely mixed. Perfect ipod material. :)

    @nate whats the useage policy of dnb share, are there rules etc?

  5. its kind of in Limbo at the mo
    Ive found the server im hosting it on is not really capable of doing what its suppose to do…

    So im waiting on another server to be built, should be up and working “fingers crossed” by sunday.

    Usage policy and rules will be online by then :)

  6. Nice flow and all around good tunes. Nice to see some older “classics” in there still sounding fresh. Highly reccomended for your ears!

  7. klute – revolution and calibre – release me, what a pair of choons! Good mix

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