Will Miles – Summermix 2007

Will Miles

host: dnbshare.com | info: myspace.com/milesahead

“… send me the tunes and have – absolutely blown me away since – some incredible stuff” [Fabio about Miles @ BBC Radio1 ]

Miles from Viginia with a heap of fresh tunes. Some hot hot Bits inside.

Will Miles-Summer Rain
Kjell-Pump Finesse
Will Miles-Eye Believe
Random Movement-A Good Start is Saying No
Will Miles-Turn This Way
Kjell-The Dynamic
Kjell-Cloud Thirty
Will Miles-No Love (ConSoul Remix)
Tyler Straub-The Reason (ConSoul Remix)
ConSoul-Not For Nothing
Will Miles-Monkey Slap
Will Miles-No More Heartache
Will Miles-No Trouble
Will Miles-Homecoming

58 thoughts on “Will Miles – Summermix 2007

  1. C’mon Will we have known you for over a year now & ever since that time you have been the most consistant producer we’ve known – every tune a smasher!
    Isn’t it about time you released something?



  2. big upz mr. will, cant stop hearing that show together with overfiend :p

  3. Will has been one of the main driving forces to keep me playing tunes. The original ideas and techniques he uses combined with excellent execution as well as professionalism, keep this man moving the sound forward with thunderous steps. Respect Will. Cant wait to pep the mix. Tracklisting is ILL!

  4. Big Up and thnx for providing a wikkid soundtrack to the summer time madness Will_Miles!!! you are prolific like a *%(^*%)#*$@(!!! :D

  5. big ups mr miles, wikked sounds inside, going big places sir! keep it up

  6. Omg, When u drop something man, we know its gonna be hot, so we just listen. Just keep dropping.

  7. essential…

    big ups to the stateside crew, showin how its done proper…
    wicked! just listened to first half so far! tis bliss ;)
    will be checkin the rest on the commute tommo, shit hot no doubt!
    made my day in crazy tokio :)

  8. more flava than caldo de canna with lemon lol

    nice work will , keep rolling

  9. again: this shit is so lovely odschool and fresh at the same time!

    that’s what we need and i really hope it’s gonna find its fans

  10. Every tune that Will has sent me has blown me away, this is some genius business right here. Keep up the wonderful work!

  11. YO!!! Will…. dope mix bro… we love all the original tunes… keep it up homie! BIG PROPS from the Urban-BreakBeat.com Crew…

  12. holy shit where have you been all my life.

    this is the type of liquid i can fuck with!!!!

    big up \\\\\\\\//////// ///////\\\\\\\ massive

  13. Big respect for Summer Rain. Pure deepness and summer vibes. Simply hypnotising sound Will. Can’t wait for that to be released someday :)

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