Shy FX The Next Chapter 17/08/2005

shy fx

Now watch this … Digital Soundboy will include releases by Visionary, Benny Page, Breakage, Aries and of course Shy FX & T Power. Also watch out for Lion Dubs and Dance Rock, 2 new Labels by Canada based Visionary & Nemesis.



Shy FX & T Power – Don’t Rush – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Visionary – Sound Boy Burial – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Shy FX ft Top Cat – Everyday – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Potential Bad Boy ft Fats – Girls – (Jekyll n Hyde Dub)
Unknown – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Visionary – Ruling – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Unknown – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Shy Fx – On The Run – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Aries – Ganja Man – (Digital Sound Dub)
Benny Page – Rub A Dub – (Digital Sound Dub)
Silver – Real Bad Men – (Digital Sound Dub)
Benny Page – Hold On – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Visionary – Talking – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Shy Fx ft Yush – Lovers Roc – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Shy Fx & T Power ft Noel McCoy – Sheets – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Digital – Untitled – (Dub)
Benny Page – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Breakage – Eye n Eye – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Benny Page – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Unknown – Untitled – (Dub)
Shy FX & T Power – Mercy – (Digital Sound Boy)
Shy Fx & T Power ft Di – Unavailable – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Aires – Allah Allah Bah – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Crystal Clear – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Breakage – Love You So – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Unknown – Distorted Strings – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Unknown – Untitled – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)
Shy Fx & T Power – Feelings – (Digital Sound Boy Dub)

38 thoughts on “Shy FX The Next Chapter 17/08/2005

  1. lol! lonely ikkle jekyll n hyde dub!! been waitin to hear mercy again for time now :-)

  2. whoahhhh, Viva shy FX, one more…
    I’m only listening the second track and my hair ‘s already drew up!

  3. hello, anyone record last weeks (24/08/05) next chapter with that wicked Flight set?

    can’t get it from as downloads are strictly for Latvian users :(

    really really want it

    so holla if yer Latvian, or if you can help me out any other way, would be well appreciated!!!!


    MC RD

  4. yeah id love if someone could please put up grooverider/fabio show archieve sets and also flights… latvian dnb crew please help us :-))


  5. U can find fabio grooverider shows archive on the bbc radio 1 website. Does any one know when digital sound boy tracks goes out?

  6. i listened to this when he was doing it and i was bloomin bouncing around… first set for YEARS to get me really going….EVERYBODY should download this shy fx set!! TRUST ME I’M A DJ TOO !!! lol

  7. Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights words dont describe , pleasures of da palm trust boyz

  8. i STILL enjoy listening to this mix… and yes, Turn Down The Lights is THE gem on the mix… any release date?

  9. Ez,

    This set was hot, hot, hot!!!!

    its skankin jungle back in the fold and welcomed personally cos i aint been feelin alot of the vibes out there of late in the dance.

    the set has not left the car or the studio since it was done, still raggin it hard.

    i am waiting for them tunes to come out (sad i know) but im passionately lovin shy’s vibes at the moment, its got it all for me, big smiles, the ladies and the guys gettin sexy in dancehall kinda way.

    this is gonna be massive in the summer 2006 – watch dis!!!

  10. ra man dat wz some wacky choons blood i aint never me ears erd such good musak ya get me suma dem drops were sick bredbin trust me. shy is a mudda fluking g ting baybe dat some ill mixin bruv. all dees hoes are lovin it too bruv cant waat 4 da next 1 init annnyways hold it up yeah gotta go roll 1. culater.

  11. I can’t download from either site. Can someone email me a new site to find it? Thanks from Atlanta!


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