Senses live @ Nu Killa Beats, Limerick Ireland 30/03/2007

Senses Nu Killa Beats

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After moving to London permanently to immerse himself in the music scene in 2001 there he met Chris Inperspective and Equinox and a strong bond was born. […] “Although I love producing, dj’ing is still what it is all about for me, I love performing and seeing people react to music, it always has been about that for me and that will never change”

Senses rolling out a deadly selection. I don’t get excited often but this one got me. Get on it!

Sabre – Glimpse The Prospect (Widescreen)
Chris Inperspective – Big Mouth (Dub)
Senses & Survival – Risin Son (Dub)
Fracture & Survival – Untitled (Dub)
Calibre & Zero Tolerance – Err can’t remember
LIS – Applefingers (Dub)
Aspect & Gremlinz – Kilo
Gremlinz – Annexed
Breakage – The Shroud (Digital Soundboy)
Universal Project – Outrun (Aspect & Gremlinz Remix) (UP)
Breakage – Come Back (Bassbin)
Mutt – Like How You Remember (Dub)
Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific Remix)

22 thoughts on “Senses live @ Nu Killa Beats, Limerick Ireland 30/03/2007

  1. wicked set! the calibre,zero t tune and applefingers is such a tunes!

  2. Thank you for adding Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific remix) into your set Senses. I’ve been looking for that song for years.

  3. what the hell is going on in this mix around 24:50 . . .

    Does he rewind in a studio mix or did he just forget to edit that???

  4. not sure about this blokes rewind technique but fuck me that tune apple fingers holy shit bad tune man bad tune

  5. ah great i love applefingers and the cyantific remix.havent heard any mixes by senses so looking forward to hearing it.:D

    we also need some new senses tunes as well.*cough*@ senses *cough*

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