Geetox – Spring 2007 mix


Geetox made it a habit to spoil us with a lovely mix every once in a while. Here is the spring 2007 edition.

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01 Mista – Learn to love the Rain (Dispatch dub)
02 Alix Perez feat. MC Fats – Down the Line (Shogun Audio)
03 Lomax&Focus – 5 Weeks (Creative Source dub)
04 Chino – Jade Sunrise (Blu Saphire dub)
05 Concept&Shnek – Dreamin´ (dub)
06 Geetox – Down South (dub)
07 Mathematics – Still Ill (dub)
08 Bungle – Down to Earth (CIA)
09 Nu:Tone – Believes (Hospital)
10 Icicle&Nymfo – Shadows of Tomorrow (Critical)
11 Survival – Sidewinder (DNAudio)
12 Alter:Native – True Lies (Revolution)
13 Concept&Shnek – Bad Conscience (I.T. dub)
14 Bungle, Total Science & Ayah – Snake Eyes (CIA)
15 ES9 – All About Change – (O6S)
16 Geetox – Stomp (dub)
17 Break – The Uprising (Shadow Law)
18 Tactile – Can´t Stop (dub)
19 Random Movement&Focus – Shattered Dreams (Innerground dub)

19 thoughts on “Geetox – Spring 2007 mix

  1. big up man, much respect for a wicked tracklist as usual…

    lookin forward to this one…



  2. nice1 guys!!! thx for listening,…
    “…shattered dreams sounds damn muffled!”
    yeh it does,…that´s the mixdown i got, not my fault sry ;)

  3. ello! link is down cause we had too much traffic on our server that the admin blocked the d/l´s ;)
    will post a mirror later today,…sry for that, massive support as it seems ;)

  4. Good mix, but Down the Line and 5 Weeks are tracks that should be allowed to ride nice and smoothly…they were in there way too abruptly IMHO

  5. The hotness! So many great tunes tucked in here its ridiculous. Excellent mixing and more importantly great programming.

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