Santorin – Keep The Faith Mix 09/2006


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Santorin offers you a delicious blend
of the freshest Vinyls this season..

Beautiful set mixed by Telmo A. & Lightwood from the german Santorin camp. Don’t miss the upcoming release “Santorin – Supernatural / Return of tomorrow” on DOA’s Under Construction imprint and lots of audio/video material on Rehosts appreciated.

00:00:15 Redeyes -Pusherman
00:05:21 Duo Infernale -Concrete Jungle
00:07:32 Santorin -Lighthouse
00:11:11 Bachelors Of Science -Nobody’s Fault (Young Ax Remix)
00:15:11 Santorin -Confidential Thoughts
00:18:28 Santorin -Between Two Worlds
00:22:28 Young Ax -U Got It
00:26:06 Mathematics & Tactile -Chonga
00:27:34 Drumatic -Like A Scientist
00:30:01 Subz & Matik -Hear Dis (VIP)
00:32:45 Beatkonexion feat. Mikey Romeo -Circles
00:32:45 Shimon & Andy C -Quest
00:37:46 Young Ax -Let’s Go
00:41:03 Contour -Back 2 Rio
00:44:40 Drumagick -Baby
00:47:36 Howie & Chance -Flautas Felizes
00:50:53 Simon V feat. Shoot The Kitten -On & Off Superlove (TGM Remix)
00:53:15 Santorin -Across The Universe
00:57:47 D-Bridge vs. D.Kay -Nothing Is True
01:00:54 Santorin -Supernatural
01:03:49 Denius -Girl With The Glass
01:07:05 Santorin & Brooklyn -What Do You Want?
01:11:17 Bassface Sascha & Franksen -I Really Love U

25 thoughts on “Santorin – Keep The Faith Mix 09/2006

  1. i am not yet sick of it. but it is starting to get me there. just like the logistics remix of the burial, which could be found in every set from any UK DJ last year. but then again. that’s only my opinion

  2. Young Ax -Let’s Go
    and the Drumatic tunes – sweet!!!

    a little sick of Soul Patrol.. the remix is cool though with the nice little guitar lick… but whats the deal with the f**king awful MCing at the start.. sounds like a nursery rhyme.. GAY!

    The Logistics remix of the burial should be boycotted by everyone… they are taking the piss… Its been in mixes for about 2 years now… ridiculous.. Anyway Logistics new stuff is really good..

    goto the Hospital site to VOTE on which 4 tracks should be released as a double 12″

    I chose Juno 6, Welcome to the Future, City Life (of course!!), and Everything is Illuminated… Choose wisely people!!!

  3. i chose…..Everything is Illuminated, Last Years Loss!!, Cascades of Colour and Follow That Star. crossing my fingers for another deep and soulful logistics Ep. and dammmnn, red sky at night is a wonderful tune!!

    GREAT !!! santorin mix, nice nice stuff

  4. Hello everyone!!!!!! Santorin -Supernatural excellent tune. Does anyone know where the african sample used comes from? Overall a very good mix IMO. :-)

  5. Wow… santorin aren’t playing, 320kbps mix with no mc and dope tracklist. What more could u ask for??

  6. wow the redeyes mix blew me away allready (gotta agree with 2lip bout soul patrol at this point) and now a santorin which means young ax stuff and 320 kbps. dl it now.

    also chose “evrything is illuminated” lovin that tune. for all those who havent seen the movie yet. watch that flick!! its beatyfull.

  7. hey, i used to buy records from (or something like that), what happened to that site? i grabbed many santorin tracks and some other gems a few years ago.

    someone help me out. where is a good place to grab the german flav?

    stateside respect and stuff,


  8. @ed.lit

    drumandbass (at) (ask for Andre aka Soulsurfer)

    The Shop is called Monopol Records in Mannheim, Germany

  9. lots of top tracks on here, great sound quality and its mixed very nicely…

    i think this is one of the better mixes ive downloaded off here lately because its mostly comprised of tracks ive never heard and i think it’s mixed better than average…

    imho. better than the redeyes set that everyone seems to be going gaga over…. (a good set but not mixed the best and too many familiar tracks…)

  10. if u’re like me you be puttin this lovey mix on cdr and u’re surely happy to own a *.cue to burn it off (so u can skip to certain tracks while pumpin it in your car or at home) and this is what i’ve done so i’m sharing it with y’all:

    or have it served zipped:

    i’ve invested time and effort for this but i aint perfect, so if you find mistakes fix them up / let me know about them! enjoy :)

    mail? gottes (at)

  11. hehe believe it or not – some ppl really dont know anything about it, most have never heard of the winamp cue plugin either ;-)

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