Doc Scott – Summermix 08/2006

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From the birth of drum n bass to where it is today. From its transitions from rave to hardcore, jungle-techno to tech-step, UK based, to a global scene and industry. Doc scott has seen it all and been there for the entire journey.

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1. Calibre – Why Time
2. Unknown – Unknown
3. Unknown – The Future VIP
4. Total Scienve – Soul Patrol
5. Goldie – Monkey
6. Furney – cali Cali
7. Vapor – Razor Blades
8. Martyn – Clowd Convention
9. Goldie – Special Request
10. Commix – Talk to Frank
11. Marcus Intalex – Bitter End 2
12. Calibre – Deranged
13. Friction – Lazy Days
14. Break – Authentic
15. MI:ST – Memory Jog
16. MI:ST – Untitled
17. Krust – Choose

33 thoughts on “Doc Scott – Summermix 08/2006

  1. surprising tracklist, i expected “somethin’ else” from the master of jungle aka doc scott but the title “summermix” sure fits the selection nicely :-)

  2. This is an awesome mix.. the calibre tune at the start is the mutt’s nutts for sure..

    Quality rollin deepness

  3. “this is the futre! not bad for upcoming & new deejay”


    good one.

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