Chopper – TrackDonalds “Deep Fried” 10/2006


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Maestro Chopper AKA Einzelkind AKA Chupacabra comes with a dutty lil mashup of TrackDonalds goodies

Tunage is OUT NOW on in premium 320k quality


(not really a) Tracklist:
01. man vs grizzly – broccoli – free shzzl
02. mike romeo – changin it – trak022
03. man vs grizzly – grizzly jam – trak025
04. draft – not a spliff – trak014
05. chopper – as we ride – trak009
06. miguel ayala – viborita – trak019
07. man vs grizzly – bonus level – trak028
08. draft – no – trak027
09. chopper – easy money – trak010
10. beatkonexion – dont boast – unreleased
11. mike romeo – circles (vip) – trak021
12. man vs grizzly – van damage – trak006
13. man vs grizzly – the sun king – trak026

11 thoughts on “Chopper – TrackDonalds “Deep Fried” 10/2006

  1. Some of this stuff is really good.. why the fuck cant they sell it on vinyl.. god damn mp3 downloads – LAME

    mike romeo – changin it – trak022
    beatkonexion – dont boast – unreleased


  2. Can I have:

    A Duble Ceese Bnigner
    A Cancer Mc Tasty
    A Mc Tumour Salad
    & 12 Mc Malignants with HIV sauce please


    Jokes, nice mix… Something a bit different. Big up. ;)

  3. yes, 02. mike romeo – changin it – trak022 is a TUUUUUUNE! shame it won’t come out on vinyl…so i just had to purchase the MP3. had never heard of Trackdonalds before this and the Solid Soul Radio mix but i really like what they are putting out…it’s different and top quality!

  4. ^^ I agree

    The two tunes gettin big raves above are superb man

    Was thinkin about gettin the digital versions but if they’re only MP3s….I don’t know – it’s all about the quality (as some people on here keep goin on about).

    Would it be very wrong to plate them myself? Probably! But they’ll only press them when they’ve got 500 digi sales.

  5. Just checked their other tunes out. Some of the newer stuff is a bit hit or miss but the old (low cat #s) are alright. Check: Beatkonexion – Everyman.
    That’s fluid right there! :)

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