33 thoughts on “Pendulum – Live At Fabric 06/10/06 (Video Clips)

  1. The reason why you can’t hear MC Jakes on the mic:

    Apologies for the lack of vocals (courtesy of Jakes) – he was plugged directly into the front of house desk and we didn’t realise until after…you can still hear him coming through a bit on the drum mics though.

  2. so pendulum is to the grimey side of dnb what london elektricity is to the liquid side eh? ;-)

    not my type of sound but still big up for going new ways and pushing the boundaries!!!

  3. They look like Blink187 and somehow sounds like a shitty bigbeatdnbguitarcrossover. I dont have a problem with crosssover sounds, but not like that… i don`t think that playing crap sound is good promo for dnb.


  4. blink187, wtf u talkin bout ? i’m not the biggest fan of the pendulum sound but i gotta respect them for their first live set.

  5. I’m not a big punk rock fan and I tend to prefer Pedulum tunes like Sounds of Life and Still Grey ( although I thought Kingston Vampires and Plastic World were pretty good too ).. That being said, I still think they have the single highest crossover value of any artist in dnb. If they had a big vocalist they could easily be the Prodigy.. Let’s face it, live shows are where the money is..

  6. Word up. Though it was kickass.. this would be the absolute tits live and off ur nut. Altho saying that they were out of time on quite a few occations and some of the synth lines sounded a bit dubious but hats off to them for doing it live.. Shapeshifter NZ are wicked too yes! and I really want to check out Ed Rush Optical & Matrix’s new Chameleon thing live.

    Also I think Pendulums production is f**king excellent and they do the whole dancefloor rocker tunes so well, but they are in danger of starting to sound quite samey.. altho it must be hard having to live up to their rep with every release.. blah blah blah fuck this I need food

  7. im all for pre BBK Pendulum.

    imo they stuff was much more interesting before signing with the marketing machine that is BBk.

    not really my type of thing, but respects for doing it live. Im sure alot of heads are turning.

  8. nice show and nice² club, but pendulum is not my thing at all… but anyway big up for the show :)

  9. As said plenty, Pendulum not my bag and neither are xovers (anymore, maybe 91′- 92′) but yea, props for pulling this off and and not bad musicianship. If you read the quote from the page they claim to be looking to crossover on their own terms/sound but no matter as they will probably go by the wayside as “just another crossover”.

  10. Sorry, I don’t get it – the same people who diss John B. for exploring new terrain suddenly give respect pendulum for “pushing the boundries”???
    What’s the big deal here? I don’t see anything new in sounding like Whitesnake on Crack.

    Probably it’s just that eye-lid piercings are hipper than eye-liner …

  11. Now i prefer the deeper darker sounds of Break, Noisia, Silent Witness, DKay, but also like stuff by concord dawn and state of mind as well as liquid stuff and Im always fairly fussy about my d&b.. i normally frown as cheesey stuff.. but this ISNT cheesey its kick ass.. seriously this is how dancefloor D&B and rock should sound like.. dont understand all the negative comments on here….

  12. These guys rock ass.

    Please release a live DVD of the Hold Your Colour Show ….. I want one

  13. i really like pendulum actually, they’re nothing like blink 182..i dont even so the link..
    like the song remember me the most atm..
    through the loop is theyre best rough one..
    thats all^^ xx

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