paul reset – oct. 04 mix

the owner of nerve presents a new diversified mix…

paul reset – oct. 04 mix (160k, 74mins) mirror 1 mirror 2

“The Hand” – Tech Itch (Penetration)
“Dial Up” – Spirit (Metalheadz)
“Dissect” – A-Sides (Fuze)
“48X” – Digital (Timeless)
“Babylon VIP” – Photek
“Amazon” – Silent Witness (DNA Audio)
“Vanishing Point” – Noisia (Shadow Law)
“Troubled Soul” – Break & Hydro (Fuze)
“Bloodshot” – Klone (Wildstyle)
“The Alchemist” – Sonic (Science Fiction)
“All Around Us” – Agent Alvin (Random)
“Summertime Bluez” – Cam (Renegade)
“Frisco Disco” – David Carbone & Kubiks (Industry)
“Heatwave” – Fresh & Vegas (Metro)
“Daylight” – D Bridge Vs Fierce (Exit)
“Angels & Fly (Instrumental)” – High Contrast (Hospital)
“Output” – Cyantific (Hospital)
“Inferno” – Pacific (Explicit)
“Cloud Break” – Kiko (Hostile)
“Pack of Wolves (Matrix rmx)” – Nightbreed (Ram)
“Encore” – Universal Project (Hardware)
“Nothing” – Tech Itch (Freak)
“New World Order” – Konflict (Hardware)
“Contrax (Weapon rmx)” – Decorum (Liftin Spirits)

nerve rec. doesn´t release any vinyls now, but check out new tunes as mp3 at beatport

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