0=0 Radio Set @ Nuffbleeding (18th October 2004)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 [aka: the downtime selection]

Many, many thanks are going out to 0=0 for letting me post this set!!!

(ed. note:)This is a set I really, really like, as it hase some of my most loved one funk tunes, as well as a few classics and a few awesome things coming in the future!!
The sound quality is allright for 56kps and the feedback and volume is a bit nasty on rare occasions, but the tune are worth downlaoding it. (And of course it is a MUST have if you like your chopped up drums and basses!! ;))

Again, big big thanks to the man 0=0 himself!!

Subvert Central Set

part one [(there are 3 parts]

Part One

tracklisting for part one:

Alias – Long Time
Echo – Inside
Senses – All Over
Tactile – What You Gonna Do?
Polska – Loose Grip
Miracle – Judgement Day
Breakage – Panic Room
Change (Danny J remix)
Senses – Regress To Progress
Pieter K – Set The Record Straight
0=0 – Call Detroit and Tell Them Bullshit
The Delegates – Class of ’72
DJ Hidden and Sicknote – Wheres the Score? (Evol Intent Remix)
Asides and Mark Ryder – Back In The Days
Enduser – No Wisdom
DJ Throttler – Obey
Stranjah – Ruinz VIP
Seba – Shapeshifter

Part Two

tracklisting for part 2

Lemon D – Urban Style Music (Hidden Agenda Remix)
Fanu – Tales From The Sea
Let a Woman Be a Woman and Let a Man Be a Man
Soul Senders – Take a Nip
Reqium & LowBSs – Washburn
Stranjah – Red Lantern
LFO – LFO (Equinox Bootleg remix)
0=0 – Is The A Dream? < ---cut off due to CD problems Tek 9 – Dem a Gwan Like They Know Badness
Shy Fx (featuring UK Apache) – Original Nuttah (Bangra remix)
n/a – 21 gun salute
Sileni – Cold Sweat
0=0 – Soul Hunter Testifies
0=0 – Call Detroit and Tell Them Bullshit
Alpha Omega – Know How
Alias – Cast Out
Xploding Plastix – Treat Me Mean I Need the Reputation
Fracture and Neptune – Firefly
Reqium and LowBSs – 1st Xperiment
Equinox – Filtration (Breakage Remix)
Teebone – SE7EN
N/A – Anything
Decoder – The Fog
St Etienne – The Sea (PFM Remix)

Part Three [the downtime selection]

tracklisting for part 3

The Bust
Facs and Scythe – Polygot
DJ trax – Serenity (Alaska and Paradox Remix)
Basement Jaxx – n/a
I Am Robot and Proud – Autumn
Casino vs Japan – Unreleased Untitled Tune
Polska – Summertare
Mishko – Skafrodubbin’
Fanu – Dreams are Like Water
Bukem – Atlantis
I Am Robot and Proud – Winter
Accidental Style and 427 – April Refinery D?
Mishko – Ich Bin Ein Kommunist
Equinox – Midnight Movements (Jazz Mix)

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