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Om Unit – RA Podcast #393 12/2013


Jim Coles is no newcomer, but it feels like only recently that he’s found his calling. After years of releasing hip-hop as 2Tall, the London producer gave himself a new identity, Om Unit, in 2010. He put out a series of records that jumped headfirst into the then-splintering dubstep scene, colouring between the lines with funk, electro and drum & bass. Then, as Philip D Kick, he dropped jungle singles that were re-edited in a footwork style, an influential series of bootlegs that laid out the rhythmic science that would become his trademark.

Interesting new school hybrid tuneage by Om Unit. Some oldschoolish flavour and some wonky bits, too. Interview can be found at RA, Tracklist via robynthinks. I wish you all happy holidays!

Box­cut­ter – Not The End Of The World (Cosmic Bridge)
Mo­re­sounds – Flo­con (As­tro­pho­ni­ca)
Ital Tek – Fi­re­flies (Pla­net Mu)
Ital Tek – Ju­pi­ter As­cent (Pla­net Mu)
Mark Prit­chard – Natty (Warp)
Om Unit – Ja­gu­ar (Civil Music)
Dj Madd – So­me­o­ne (Bre­a­ka­ge remix) (Black Box)
Cole­co – Focus 10 (Om Unit remix) (Run­ti­me)
Om Unit & Kid Drama – Grind (Exit)
Om Unit – Ti­me­lines (forth­co­ming Me­tal­headz)
Tes­se­la – Hack­ney Par­rot (Sam Binga’s Cra­ckey Par­rot refix) (dub­pla­te)
Sam Binga ft Red­ders – Lef­tem (Cri­ti­cal)
Ho­mema­de Wea­pons & Grem­linz (feat Col­lin­jah) – After Dark (J Kenzo remix) (Sa­mu­rai Music)
Ma­chine­drum – Gunshot­ta (Om Unit’s Rol­lers VIP) (Ninja Tune)
Mo­re­sounds – Blood (As­tro­pho­ni­ca)
Graphs – Scyl­la (Ground Mass)
Grem­linz, Rum­ble­ton, The Un­toucha­bles – Apa­che (Sa­mu­rai Music)
Naibu (feat. Key) – Just Like You (Frac­tu­re remix) (Ho­ri­zons)
Onoe Ca­po­noe – Milky Way (Djrum remix dub) (2nd Drop)
Bus + Soom T – Keep Life Right (Da­brye remix in­stru­men­tal) (Ghost­ly)
EAN – Don‘t You Know (Ori­gi­nal Cul­tu­res)
Om Unit – Cor­ri­dor 2013 (Civil Music)
J Kenzo (feat. Rhi­an­na Kenny) – Eyes Wide Open (dBridge remix) (Rinse)
Gol­die – Sea Of Tears (FFRR)


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  1. Geophysiks, December 26, 2013 at 01:25

    Very Dope Mix Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Parenquin, January 8, 2014 at 00:36

    Hey, one hell of a mix, didn’t realised from the first play I must admit! There are some tracks inside … love that Tes­se­la – Hack­ney Par­rot (Sam Binga’s Cra­ckey Par­rot refix) ! Thanks !

  3. Tim, January 8, 2014 at 14:13

    that tune is a cracker eh!

  4. P2G, January 9, 2014 at 16:30

    On the hybrid tip, try the RA Machine Drum mix as well. Saw Om Unit open for Machine Drum in December, loved it. These guys are really doing interesting stuff in “bass”, coming from the D&B background.

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