Lynx – Mix for 11/2006


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A healthy dose of unheard dubplates exclusively for Breaksblog from London based producer Lynx (Bassbin, Renegade, TOV, Underfire). He is the man behind the groove of the moment, Mariachi, forthcoming on Creative Source.

1. Lynx & Malibu Rhodes – Mariachi – Creative Source
2. Alix Perez – Backlash – Bassbin
3. Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native – Shogun
4. Lynx – Uno – Creative Source
5. Lynx – Q Groove – Dub
6. Lynx & Malibu Ft Bev Carter – Lose the Faith – Dub
7. Atlantic Connection – Situations – Dispatch
8. Lynx – Fantasy – Bassbin
9. Sabre – These Simple Things – Future Thinkin
10. Alix Perez + Redeyes – The Clone 1001 – Bingo Dub
11. Lynx – The Way – Dub
12. Lynx – Heat Haze – Dub
13. Lynx – Tangent – Dub
14. Redeyes – Pusherman – Bingo
15. Lynx Ft Ciah – Shadows (Instrumental) -Dub
16. Lynx – Whistle Stop – Dub
17. Lynx – Underdog Revenge – Dub

31 thoughts on “Lynx – Mix for 11/2006

  1. that site is a great project – the only problems i encounter is really bad usability as well as uploads that always ping out no matter how fast my upload bw is …

  2. Cheers for the feedback digitalchaos

    Its strange that u get time out errors, i dont see to get any, have tried uploading a 1 gig file… with no problems….

    however this is with a 100mbit connection…

  3. @ nate

    tried both a 1mbit up at home and a 10mbit at work, this is from *.de. would’ve tried a few 100mbits but there is no way i can fxp to http ;-)))

  4. Didnt rate this much to be honest… a few good tunes in there but nuthin spesh really… but maybe its cos the the high qulaity of the other mixes on breaksblog at the moment

  5. Well . . . Mix wise it’s not the greatest . . . but producers always get a bit of a pass anyways. . . Awesome tracks steve. . . Great Sound and a Great Mix!!

  6. Wow awesome mix! Would be perfect for cruising around on a hot summers day.
    Can’t wait till Mariachi is released…

  7. I don’t understand the negative comments about this mix, how can you fault it? Nice one Lynx, keep up the good work.

  8. Eze Steveo Classy mix once again, just shame about the picture ! what a poser ha .
    Your turn to bring the hot chocolate down the studio peace Malibu

  9. a class unto itself… lynx should have lead the thundercats…. or the animal kingdom should rethink its pecking order – lynx, malibu, the puppetmasters at the white house theat pull bush’s strings, then everything else!! peace

  10. amazing stuff. really lynx has got so much style and all.
    i would love to be anywhere at a party chilling with this mix.

    greaaaaat., i just didnt understand if its downloadable :?>X!@

    p.s. mariachi is da bomb

  11. excellent mix Lynx!!! farkin tight mixin too!

    maasive respect from new zealand!! big ups bro will be looking out for your tunez :D

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