Atlantic Connection – Metro Pass Mix 03/2007

Atlantic Connection

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in 2007 Atlantic Connection has sucessfully launched his debut imprint, Westbay Recordings. Westbay will be a home for all of his personal favorites and most saught after works.

Rehosting appreciated.

01. Alix Perez & Sabre – Recession
02. Random Movement – Say No!
03. D.Kay & Lee – Waxxed (Marky & Bungle rmx)
04. Makoto & Marky – Togetherness
05. Chino – Essence
06. Redeyes feat. Kiyomi – Miles Behind
07. Spectrasoul – Unearthed
08. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Stress Level & TC1 rmx)
09. Mathematics – Untitled
10. Lomax – Blades of Steel
11. Atlantic Connection – Dimension X
12. Marky & Bungle – Immortality
13. Redeyes & Sweed – Poetry in Motion
14. Submorphics – Downstyle
15. Screamheads – Under The Sun (Bungle rmx)

70 thoughts on “Atlantic Connection – Metro Pass Mix 03/2007

  1. 7,8,9,10 !!!

    DA;MN GOOD TUNES, the stresslevel and tc1 rmx is fabulous!!!

    realy tight n nice mix on this sunday night!


  2. downloading with 15kb/s, this could take a while :)

    tacklist looks good, can’t await it

  3. The Remix of D.Kay & Lee – Wax’d is soooo SHITE.. its nowhere near as good as the original so whats the point???

    downloading now to see what the rest is like

  4. agreeing with rollo, the remix is honestly crap. no need for it!
    few good tunes in the mix. the new random movement tune is really funny, i like it … and lomax killing it again, razorsharp deepness! :D

  5. waxed remix is just novelty. sounds great and does its job. end of story.

    rest of the tunes are great!! nice vibes, musical theme and great grooves thru out..

    quality control man. gotta love it

  6. at quick glance of this file i saw


    tropical booty shaking??? LOL

  7. Nice one nate. I am lovin the tunes on this mix. You have such great taste and i hope LA is going well

  8. I like the previous Summer Mixes by AC more… I like Alix Perez & Sabre – Recession and Chino – Essence for this mix.

  9. i love atlantic connection. that man has some talent. nice mix. big ups from hamburg

  10. i love atlantic connection tunes. this mix is nothin great though. short mixes and i hear some distortion. gotta watch those reds boi!

  11. Am not feeling the remix of Waxxd. . . Usually love all of Marky and Bungle’s stuff. . .

    But good minimalistics from AC as usual. . . Good music for a Tuesday’s ride home from work . . .

    . . . and whats up with Lomax these days. . . Absolutely on top of the Low Frequency bass game along with Lynx!!

  12. bigup to one of 2007’s brightest stars (from the USA no less ! boh!)
    i agree, why remix situations ? the original is so slammin theres no way to do it justice!

    should of dropped ‘leaving home’ and ‘the johnsons’, two of my recent fave AC cuts ;)

  13. Atlantic Connection rolling it out every time.

    Agree with somewhere, Situations remix is a bit weak.

    The fella needs to move to London.

  14. – this tune completly rocks it!!!!! anyone knows the old tunes from cut killer, the french hiphop producer and dj? this tune has been sampled there, brought up some heavy reminiscence… still I can’t stop smilin’!

    great things in 2double07….

  15. @ mdz: you can record sets in acid 4, too.
    or he converted it with the program…

  16. def. not lovin the marky and bungle remixed of waxxed but love the mix nonetheless. good tracks

  17. i hope this isnt a computer mix, that is realy lame if so, not that the mix is wack, its flippin gooood, but, i mean, hey, at leaaast on cdr, i think thats lame to :). but now adays most mixxxes are, sadly! but good for the fact of dubs geting around faster than the speed of light, but it would be truley great to see some strictly vinyl sets up here!

    any way, the mix is great, atlantic connection is off the hook like cook a book, and the waxxxed rmx is good i think :)

  18. AC, this mix was a little all over the place and should have had a better over all vibe.. so yeah, i’m really thinking nate is cheesing these mixes out in acid. His selection is alright but really…theres a bunch of other dubs/records out there that really move.. oh.. I forgot..producers/djs don’t seem to be buying records and generally don’t know their crates or paid there dues.. it shows. The situation rmx should have been a lot better.. cause the original is ok..but what the fuck is up with the high pitched screeching sound through out the whole song.. i boycotted ac’s records for a bit.. he’s not that cool…ez

  19. First off your making a lot of assumptions Liquid’s Finest. You don’t have any right to make a judgment on what he buys or doesn’t, what he does or doesn’t know based merely upon his selection of records in a forty minute mix. I may not like all the tracks you decide you feel like playing at any given moment but I sure as hell won’t conclude that your an overrated hack who doesn’t know his way around a record shop because of that. Its ridiculous.

    I also thought the track selection was a little off from what I expected, but thats no reason to say someone hasn’t paid there dues. Basic Operations anyone?? Hows that for Dues paid! I for one found one section of the mix to be a little off kilter but soon returned to the soul.

    Whats this bs about boycotting his records…you buy them cause you dig them or you don’t simple as that…but to boycott everything he produces, you have to have some ethical rationale for not buying them, and that is you think he is not that cool?

    As for the situations remix I don’t hear that high pitched screeching element…maybe thats all on your end. Regardless I think the vocals are what makes situations such a stand out tune to begin with, and it is kept intact albeit sped up slightly. The remix may not be exceptional but I think the bass line adds a different depth and resonance to the track. I think its a subtle change that at least honestly pays homage to the original. Its not groundbreaking but again that shows the strength of the original.

    Keep your ears and your mind open. Flame on Im gone….

  20. People seem to forget DJ-ing is a bit more than just slapping on vinyl. Who else can provide a selection like this, at this time?

  21. Vinyl, CDR, PC – I really don’t see the argument with the need for ‘mixing with vinyl’. Isn’t it about the final product? I’ve no doubt a lot of mixes on BB are produced with a PC, but I honestly couldn’t give a shit. If I was crap at mixing vinyl I would probably use a computer (not saying Nate is crap at all – actually quite the opposite).

  22. @knownbrand. I disagree. Tis possible to cut & pasted every transition to make a mix sound perfect – but this is wack and cheating. I dont have a problem if a dj is using cdr or vinyl ….I just wanna see the DJ doing a proper set before my eyes in real time………..

  23. big big big up to the one the only NC’s own Atlantic Connection….loving the sound as always im also quite suprised to see that waxxed remix in ure set. Couldnt think how that track could be remixed but it ’tis the hotness..hope all is well nate as im sure

  24. myself and nate had an experience that made me realise he’s a normal guy…greedy and kind of a prick but thats me.. maybe i have posted a mix.. as for mixing…real mixing is dope…cutting and pasting is great to start but if you don’t get to know your records enough to mix them…you haven’t paid dues. Stunna pays his dues.. rollo pays his dues….i’ve been listen to mixs on bb for about 3/4 years and not many really hit the mark… theres over 500 great liquid records made so far but yet this board is full of mixes that …are full of new dubs and new crappy remixs of thier own stuff.. jdnb liquid is not about promotion and thats why most people aren’t hearing it right in their citys..let alone the world…..because its about money….. yeah groups like basic ops have been making kinda shitty tunes for years… its great that he’s gotten money off of learning his craft.. his new records are dope… but mixing in acid makes him look chump….if you want to make money in this scene, you can stand at the door…don’t try and fool people into thinking your cooler than you are because you have some mp3’s and your trying to market yourself.. this year is the chin check year..

    what tunes(VINYL) by basic ops are still getting played? cause I really only play one..
    Southern lights / Back 2 Soul

    these were good ones too..
    soulhold, Bounced Out, Havana, Revolution

    and these were great but didn’t hit the mark….The Great Breakaway, Movado


  25. liquid’s finest rly got some personal issues with nate so y not call him up, discuss things and get it over with instead of flaming over n over again on mix blogs like this … seriously. oh yes, i have almost all BO/AC on vinyl too – just letting yall know but nobody will care anyway ;)

  26. Who cares how the mix was made? No one will know for sure except for the author, and what really matters is how the thing sounds and makes the listener feel.

    And this paying dues crap… rubbish. Means nothing. A lot of djs who have paid their dues can’t mix records to save their life.

    I don’t care for the Waxed or Situations remixes, either, but again who cares? That’s what personal taste is all about. Big up anyone making music in 2007.

    The one piece of feedback I think that I can provide is that most of these mixes are out of tune. No matter how good (or bad) a dj’s tunes and beat-matching are, you aren’t really that good at your craft if you can’t keep it in tune for most mixes.

  27. the mix is great but the last tune is dope…bungle gonna hit the top this year for sure!!! big ups for them

  28. OOOOOO. glad u are feeling the mix guys.
    AND yes it was done live, but i rendered it in SFAcid
    i was trying to add some cool drops to it which didnt work
    cause they kept pitching themselves :( out of key….
    nother time…. anyway, thanks 4 the shouts!
    glad ya enjoyed it.

  29. RE: myself and nate had an experience.

    sounds intense. lol.
    dont get so up in arms over shit like this man,
    nor assume that you know better than someone else,
    or that i havent paid dues,
    or that your discrediting opinion matters.
    in all reality wheather i mixed it in acid, on decks, on CDJ’s
    or mp3 players, wtf does it really matter?
    i had tunes i wanted to share. so i mixed them and put it out.
    has nothing to do with promotion or marketing my man.
    thats what i got Jeryl 4.
    dont assume unless ur in the room.

  30. Is it me or has this site become hater central later?

    Look it’s a FREE mix and if you dont like the tunes, the way it’s mixed , ect then move along and STFU.

    I am tired of this “oh , i expected better” or ” his production is lacking something”. Producing DnB is dam hard. Go and try to come up with something that sounds half decent and then come back and talk smack about a FREE mix.

  31. @ Nate

    I’m not fussed where the tunes come from or how they’re played, happy to listen and if it suits my vibe, even more happy! Always been diggin’ your sounds man so I’m sure this will be no different!


  32. I love Atlantic Connection stuff, got their tune as a ringtone from their website!

    Thanks AC, love the mix, and as usual, top of my play lists!


  33. I loved this mix and most of the tunes that Nathan chose to share on it.

    That’s why I keep coming to this site, because if it weren’t for artists shaking things up in the biz and still finding the time to make a mix for fans, I wouldn’t know about half the tunes that are forthcoming and I eventually pick up.

    If any of you have been DJs for a long while, you know that sometimes you don’t give a sh*t about track selection and just want to rinse out some tunes. You’re not trying to win a contest or anything; you just want to have some fun and let everyone else hear it.

    Nathan’s a good guy and down to earth, and the fact that he takes the time to talk online and post here on Breaksblog shows that he hasn’t gotten big-headed like other growing artists in the industry. Respekt for that.

    That being said, just enjoy the mix and quit hating ! These are some good tunes to keep an eye out for, and hopefully they’ll be hitting stores soon, cause I really want that badass Redeyes + Sweed dub :D

  34. ez people,

    don’t get caught up in these irrelevant fights over and over again.
    it’s all a matter of opinion. d&b offers such a broad spectrum of different flavours. everyone should be able to pick what he likes best. nobody
    has to listen to stuff he disapproves of, including remixes.

    speaking your mind is fine. but please stop the hating.

    by the way… keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming ‘situations’
    remix by alix perez. let’s see if that one is working for you.

    enjoy the music

  35. Thought the mix was alright personally.. yeah some of the mixes, altho in time, sound a bit iffy, but its harder to have perfect sounding mixes when u mix very musical liquid tunes that have a lot of instruments going on. When u mix darker tunes with just beats and bass its a lot easier to make them sound good together.. thats just how it is.. and isnt designed to start a load of boring hater nonsence.

    Selection was good, apart from the waxxed remix which is awful, but nevermind. thought the situations remix is alright too, but then I wasnt much of a fan of the original

    All in all a nice mix

    AND.. what was all the bitching earlier about paying dues and stuff? I have no idea what you guys are talking about.. must be an American thing .. having ‘beefs’ and all that MTV, West-coast/East-coast, Pimp my Mum lameness.. blimey!

  36. to wrap this blog up… discredited? :) … i’d chew you up behind some decks and you can ask pat..your boy nouminon cause he personally knows about my dues.. If your going to do the dame thing just play some records and people will except it like all the headz that complimented you on this mxing cheesefest… the selection was wack…playing new records isn’t hard..and i think you did it horribly…. just keeping it real… your the one putting yourself out there for it…and tell your marketing manager to keep it real with you.. don’t try and impress real djs with autobeatmatching and wonder why they clown you.. i’ll see you out on the floor..and seriously good luck with your music..its not hate, its actual love of the music.. i’m working on a wax’d remix and all you guys will have a shot at hearing/playing the dj..

  37. Some lovely tunes in here, alix perez, spectrasoul, redeyes, submorphics, lomax :D

    liquids finest, maybe if you formulate your opinions with a cohesive thought people would take you more seriously. you’d chew nathan up behind the decks–hahaha…is dnb dj’ing a sport or something to be compared to the DMC competition? he mixed some tunes (quite obviously live) that he wanted to share with people, end of. you come off as a half-witted, jealous cunt– fix up. and good luck with that wax’d remix, hah.

  38. Liquid…chill bro. you’re taking things way too serious. Dont understand why you even have the time to hate like this. You have more posts than anyone and you just bitch about this sweet mix. show some self respect. keep spinning you’re old records. ok, so you’ve mastered mixing old records. you’ve obviously paid your dues. After practising with the same wax for hundreds of hours, you better be able to mix that shit. Respect to AC. Mix is young & tight.

  39. just thought i’d add a little here…. ive been loving this site for a yr now and finally thought id have a say. this bullshit about not paying dues pisses me off. people can do and buy wot they want. their choice. i prefer a hefty stack iof shiny vinyl meself, but i wont slag off anyone else. i also appreciate wot the controversy is about mixing with Acid, but fuk it, this is only a tune selection for fun and games and listening to in the car. hes not selling it on the streets saying ‘look wot a dj i am.’ i think the tunes he produces say enough for his talent. nice one AC. roll on

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