London Elektricity – Essential Mix 11/2008

London Electricity - Essential Mix 2008©


London Elektricity aka Tony Colman, has been releasing music for the past 12 years. When he is not in the studio his day job sees him as the CEO of the drum and bass label Hospital Records.

01. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music [HOSPITAL]
02. Makoto & T_Ak – Voyager [HOSPITAL]
03. Klute – Trust Me [N/A]
04. London Elektricity – Bare Religion [HOSPITAL]
05. Logistics – Cosmonaught [HOSPITAL]
06. Logistics – Kaleidoscope [HOSPITAL]
07. Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (D&B Mix) [BOOTLEG]
08. Randomer – Blind [MEDSCHOOL]
09. Martsman – Sir Gordon Jumpmeister Lll [MEDSCHOOL]
10. Randomer – Synth Geek [MEDSCHOOL]
11. Q Project – Credit Crunch [HOSPITAL]
12. Danny Byrd – Red Mist [HOSPITAL]
13. London Elektricity The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Rmx) [HOSPITAL]
14. London Elektricity – Just One Second [HOSPITAL]
15. Mistabishi – Greed [HOSPITAL]
16. Furney & Tayla – Stand Still [LIQUID V]
17. London Elektricity – Uska [HOSPITAL]
18. Kanye West – Flashlight (D&B Mix) [N/A]
19. N*E*R*D – Nerdstep [N/A]
20. Nu:Tone – Balaclava [HOSPITAL]
21. London Elektricity – Remember The Future (High Contrast Remix) [HOSPITAL]
22. Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) [XL]
23. The Brookes Bros – She Tears You Down [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
24. Mistabishi – No Matter What [HOSPITAL]
25. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
26. Chase & Status – Music Club [RAM]
27. London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose [HOSPITAL]
28. Commix – Rackit [HOSPITAL]
29. Noisia – Diplodocus (Nu:Tone Edit) [N/A]
30. Logistics – Jungle Music [HOSPITAL]
31. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter (Nu:Tone Remix) [HOSPITAL]
32. Muffler – Hear Me Scream [HOSPITAL]
33. Eric Prydz – Pianoo (High Contrast Remix) [DATA]
34. Nu:Tone – System (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) [HOSPITAL]
35. Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Brookes Bros Remix) [DATA]
36. Sigma – Paint It Black [HOSPITAL]
37. London Elektricity – Different Drum (Photek Remix) [HOSPITAL]
38. High Contrast – If We Ever [HOSPITAL]
39. London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy [HOSPITAL]
40. Danny Byrd – Shockout [HOSPITAL]
41. Chase & Status – Street Life [RAM]
42. London Elektricity – South Eastern Dream [HOSPITAL]
43. Trisector – Morning Rain [MEDSCHOOL]
44. Danny Breaks – Volume 1 (Logistics Remix) [N/A]
45. Apex – Emo Funk [CYANIDE]
46. Roni Size – Swings & Roundabouts [FULL CYCLE]
47. Logistics – Take Be To The Bridge [HOSPITAL]
48. Roni Size & DJ Die – Its A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix) [V]
49. Matrix & Futurebound – American Beauty [N/A]
50. Icicle – So Close [MEDSCHOOL]
51. The Streets – Has It Come To This (High Contrast Mix) [679]
52. DJ Zinc – Reachout Remix [TRUE PLAYAZ]
53. Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix) [HOSPITAL]
54. MJ Cole & Rodney P – Tuff Like Me (Shy Fx & T-Power Remix) [LONDON REPUBLIC]
55. TC – Game Over [D:STYLE]
56. Subfocus – Druggy [RAM]
57. Apex & Ayah – The Space Between [HOSPITAL]

37 thoughts on “London Elektricity – Essential Mix 11/2008

  1. and what’s wrong with the randomer tunes?
    cosmonaut, bear music… future sounds of cambridge 3 is huge!

  2. Lovin’ this one!!!

    This brilliant set lifted my spirits to an all new high. Loving LE!! Brookes Brothers remix of star guitar is awesome!

  3. Is he using CDJs in that picture? :)

    Good essential mix though, would love to hear one from Marcus Intalex one day… I can but hope.

  4. Yeah! LE on the decks = instant download. Voyager, Balaclava, No Matter What, Hometown Glory, System, Star Guitar and Street Life only confirm that.. Also curious what that Paint It Black tune will sound like :)

    thx for upping this!

  5. I’m surprised I don’t mind the speed.. This is just really good.. A fun mix to listen to and extremely well programmed. Cheers Tony!

  6. I’m surprised I don’t mind the speed.. This is just really good.. A fun mix to listen to and extremely well programmed. Cheers Tony!

  7. This is a great mix. I’d love to hear this out on a decent sound system.

    That first Randomer tune was a skip-over for me, too, but the rest of the mix was just ace and a half.

  8. Is it me or is it way too pitched up? I know Tony likes to add a bit, but damn…the vocals in some tracks sound like Alvin and the bloody Chipmunks! ;P

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  10. Had a quick flick through and sounding good, Off on a long journey tomorrow so will have a better chance to listen to it all, but all looks good.

  11. some nice in tunes in this lot but fuk me, hectic hectic hectic. tone the speed down a tad, not a race

  12. hahaha yeah i was beginning to think dnb had turned into sport when i recently saw andy c play at marky n friends.

    57 tunes on 120 minutes…way to many in my opinion.

    ill skip this download.

  13. Nevermind, I answered my own question. Not sure how I missed that release. It hit back in March.

  14. yes mate smashes it, shit loads of switches but who gives a fuck, quality showcase and shit loads of good dnb. all in all wicked essential

  15. was no one else bord after about 30mins. totally not feelin le’s new music, just think that some of the tunes are very very simple (to the point of them being almost thoughtless) or too eccentric. some good tunes but they are overshaddowed by the dross

  16. I like this mix, having had a proper chance to listen to it I agree its fast but its no faster than when you go out and listen to this type of dnb. There is obviously a lot of tunes in this mix but most of the tunes don’t even got to the second drop, this is why there is so many….

  17. The Randomer tunes are fresh, Medschool is on some next level business these days.

    This is a really good mix, well done Mr. Coleman!

  18. I’m not into most of these tunes on their own but they come together to make a really good mix.

    I could see a set like this doing really well in a big ravey sort of venue.

  19. Jesus Christ. I’ve listened to this over and over and over again the past few days and I’m blown away each time.

    It’s a fast mix, no doubt, but Tony’s impeccable mixing makes it so you hardly notice. You should be too busy focusing on the killer selection to waste time worrying about that.

    Regarding zero pitch – M3Ds, MK5s and Grandmasters don’t have the quartz lock. Only MKIIs do. Everyone should know that by now.

    Pure class, Tony. Thanks a lot for doing this mix. Instant classic, and never gonna get tired of listening.

  20. This mix takes it to the next level, much props to London Elektricity a tear jerker mix!!!

  21. I’m gonna get bashed for this, but honestly, there are more transitions that sound downright ugly or average than there are good transitions. It’s not all about beatmatching and good tunes. Try to match melodies as well. Create harmony.

    Before you question it, dnb is my favorite genre and I like a lot of stuff by LE too. His guest mix for Fabio this summer was actually superb.

    Right now I’m very disappointed to hear a big DJ and a record label boss present a sub-par essential mix. It’s sub-par because it’s supposed to be perfect.

    Just my two cents.

  22. Not a big fan of this sound but there are some decent tunes in there. Far too busy … should cut out the rubbish/filler and let the decent tracks breathe

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