Soul Intent – Future Proof Podcast #1 09/11/2008

Soul Intent Future Proof Podcast 1


Recorded direct from the studio, a selection of fresh beats and a little bit of banter.

Soul Intent who unfortunatly lost his slot at Kemet FM is back on his own with a little Podcast for everyone craving the freshest, heavy, stripped down and moody drumfuck drumfunk!

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phobia & jubei – guillotine (breakage rmx) – coded music dub
mc system – tribute – dub
chris inperspective – why does it make you – dub
soul intent – igloo – dub
survival – place with no name – blindside sub
linden – activity – dub
logistics – jubei – battlefield – brand nu dub
the insiders – untitled – dub
soul intent – conflict – samurai red seal dub
niskala – evasion – vibes dub
nymfo – paperboy – vampire dub
soul intent – bro – blindside dub

14 thoughts on “Soul Intent – Future Proof Podcast #1 09/11/2008

  1. yes yes, this looks wicked. definitely could use some new jungle vibes in my life about now!

    Props to Soul Intent on the mix and a special big ups to my man Niskala!

  2. big up alex, nice to hear u again :D
    logistics + jubei – battlefield – wicked tune!!

  3. Big up Mr Soul Intent, glad to see you getting more exposure, been a fan for a while thanks to Presha’s continual pimping of your stuff! ;)

    Niskala – Evasion

    Tune of the mix, easy. Baaaaaaad Eastern vibes!

  4. This podcast was perfect for an angry sunday jog. First snow of this winter had just fallen. Perfect atmosphere.

    I’m specifically feeling Igloo, drumFUK ftw!

  5. Thats a heavy mixture of so wonderful deep tunes. Now i know for what i’ve waited for ;-)

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