Kuttin Edge – White December Mix 12/2006

Kutting Edge

host: dnbshare.com | myspace.com/trackdonalds

Very chilled out selection taken from Solid Soul Radioshow 02/12/06
Live on 91.8 Frankfurt

Rehosting appreciated.

00 unknown
01 lenzman & stunna – milk and honey
02 random movement & focus – methods of thought
03 lenzman – close to me
04 atlantic connection – situations
05 nu:tone – unknown
06 calibre – mr. right on
07 pentagon – time to fly
08 blame – midnight run (?)
09 random movement – last nights dream
10 calibre – carry me away
11 random movement – intersections pm
12 spirit – axis
13 commix – unknown
14 martyn – believe it
15 man vs grizzly – sunday – trackdonalds
16 marcus intalex – wide eyes
17 lenzman – deeper than you
18 random movement – infinite
19 beta 2 – innersense

30 thoughts on “Kuttin Edge – White December Mix 12/2006

  1. 08 blame – beholder

    man, some real nice tunes on these recent sets….pushin the deep twisted liquid sound. just the trick ;)

  2. this looks wonderful, and true that the deep twisted liquid sound does the trick :)


    and oh, ehm the mirror is just the first tune :) thought it went fast to DL . hehe

  3. ehm, again. my mix is just 22 minutes, thats kind a strange. good 22 minuets tho :)

  4. ok, if i had anywhere between one and five gold medals to award to this mix, i’d go borrow a sixth one and pin them all…. amazing mix, enjoyed every bit of it. big up knuckles, thanks for posting this

  5. I’ve already listened this one twenty times, this mix is really amazing. Lekke, here’s a seventh star which you can pin as well ;)

    Pure quality!

  6. wow i’m really happy youre feeling this mix so much =)
    thank you all producers for your for support
    esp many thanx to the one called lenzman



  7. now THIS is where it’s at. you dun did hit the sweet spot, dead center. you set a new standard of deeeep-nezzzzz

  8. Thanks Watcher for posting info on that Commix tune! Definately made me come back to the site to check for it on the tracklist but of course it says unknown. Any idea when or if this tune is coming out? I want this and Mariachi so damn bad right now.

  9. Does anyone have the Krunchtime Xmas Selection (16/12/06)? I need Knuckles fresh beats for the holidays!
    Anyone? Site is not allowing the download . . .

  10. yo im kinda new to this music.. and just realized that d’n’b records are really hard to get…
    i would really like to gte the number 5 “nu:tone – beatnik”
    but i dont know how since its a dubplate

  11. this one starts strongly, but fades away to boredom half way through

    and yet another dj who doesn’t know how to properly mix with ‘blame – midnight run’

    if this mix had been 30 minutes long it would’ve been much better

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