GEIN – Skinsuit Sessions Vol.V 12/2006


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Darker sounds for xmas mixed by Gein (Habit, Freak, Moving Shadow) from Milwaukee, USA.


GEIN – hell ( audio rmx )
counterstrike and magna carta – interface
the sect – patriarch
limewax and dylan – cleansed by a nightmare
black sun empire – cooler ( audio rmx )
GEIN – untitled
evol intent and eye d – time war
limewax – the attack
GEIN and the chosen – abomination
audio – delusional
GEIN – we dont know
necron – no escape ( GEIN rmx )
limewax – last soul
tech itch – hex ( GEIN rmx )
spl – soul container
tech itch and jakes – creep freak
limewax – he will find us
current value – machines
current value – fear
tech itch and GEIN feat. mc jakes – killsound

40 thoughts on “GEIN – Skinsuit Sessions Vol.V 12/2006

  1. Midwest! It reminds me of a gabber party I once went to in Milwaukee in the late 90s. Excellent.

    Mixes like this lend balance to the mellow, jazzy Brasil sound. I feel sorry for my fellow co-workers this morning after listening to this. It’s not even 9:00 my time. MWooo hoo ha ha ha ha.

  2. yo caleb, do you know cutups from pittsburgh?” he used to always go to those gabber parties in barns and shit in milwuakee in the late 90s. ive heard some crazy stories.

  3. Just the kind of DnB i hate…. i shall not be downloading this as i know its the usual tearout crap. Can we have more jump up/liquid sets please? or something with a bit of soul at least… thats where this music started you know. Fuck all this satanic drum n’ bass shit! I love hardware and various other labels but this shit gets on my tits.

  4. Big up GEIN fucken hell this is gold… and I love smooth liquid vibes too. Who says you can’t like it all. I fucken do!

    GEIN you’re massive! Smashin it apart! B’oh

  5. The mix is 100% but i hate this Style of Drum and Bass!!!!!!!!! That´s no music in my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. these artists are as versatile as a brick…ppl were making as dark if not darker sounds 10 years ago they just didnt use beats that sound like fucking gabba techno i,e limewax..this sound is cheesey ok not marky&bungle etc you folks have it twisted something thats hard does not make it credible…this is 1dimensional shit and the same sound all the time from these artists audio and current value etc i genuinely cant hear any difference in there tracks except the 1 with the gayest vocal in the world The Power i think by c.v possibly the biggest pile of shit ive heard this year next to watching a episode of pop idol on my tv….didnt this im 15 im gonna lock myself in my room i hate the world style fuck off yet?nono seriously?not good.

    also half of this shit is around and available,if any of these artists read then your tunes are leaked they always are leaked to fuck especialy gein always and the reason for this is because nobody gives a flying fuck anymore about this im going to murder u with an axe style,does anyone even buy it?i wonder,time to move on guys same with the neuro shit thats nearly fucked off permanently thank the lord.

  7. wow, another guy that compares this music with gabba, thinks it’s for angry people and can’t hear any difference between the artists.. *yawn*

  8. I am leaving this comment for all of the people leaving negative comments about this style of drum and bass. It is not one dimensional for a start! There are many different elements of dance and electronic music used within this style of drum and bass including IDM, which was invented by the likes of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. I must also point out that a tune will contain a complex array of manipulated samples and highly technical drum sequences. The likes of Gein, Evol Intent and Ewun are always moving forward and pusing the boundries of music. Luckily, they demonstrate creativity and orginality unlike the ‘copy cat, make a tune in 5 minutes’ style of drum and bass such as jump up and liquid.
    Work out all the facts before you start thinking you know it all!

  9. Liquid is a very primitive kind of music. Regress not progress.
    Gein rulezzz !!!!!!!

  10. jus cause i dont like something doesnt mean i hate it n jus cause different ppl like different music it doesnt mean we have to fight each other over various music styles … bassahkin’ calling liquid a very primitive kind of music is pretty weak imo though sorry ;/

  11. latticus nailed it NICE ONE MATE if you want jump find some and post it yourself but why comment on somthing u dont like thats like eating carrots knowing you dont like it and then remidning everyone about it (stupid!!!)
    i cant even think how you can demote this music. it better than going to see dj hypes 4 beat drum loop repeted over and over with no break variton with a stupid trumpet or a traingle being played over the top
    quote from latticus
    complex array of manipulated samples and highly technical drum sequences.

    hes damm right i tell u this music execpt fot the somtimes pathetic tracks (and gridlok) that nearly all artists have done is incredibly complex to make as opposed to jump off


    its ulitmately dark jungle alot is focused around the amen break dont come on here and start slatting it WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS (IDIOT)

  12. Basically, the 4 beat repeat (jump up) dnb is tailored for a deliquient audience. what can you associate with it? Bad attitudes, gang violence, pricks in baby blue carbrini hoodies etc and anyone that has been to one nation will know exactly what im talking about here…liquid and darkstep dont have this problem.

    Jump up is as monotonus as the audiences lifestlyes. Dj’s like Andy C, for example, who is a Cambridge degree graduate, has been exploiting the jump up scene for a good few years now and has made a lot of money making a lot of money out of people who legion themselves to this scene.

  13. SPOT Duality YOU THE MAN

    we cant use the word chav rollo cuz were talking baout the uk and im not sure about how it works in the u s a or acc, but yes in the uk if it werent for poeple like skibba and shabba then drum and bass would be more cultrially accpeted in this country

  14. Lol… Duality, u r talking fraff! Andy C never went to cambridge… He ain’t no pied piper manipulating street urchins. He’s the most popular DnB producer in the world… probably cos a lot of people like the music he plays…. personally, I can’t take an hour of modern jump up… i cant take an hour of liquid… or this industrial stuff. Too many niches in DNB these days… to many snobs trying to claim dnb as their own.

    complex, if dnb is not accepted in this country it is because underground dance music is not as accessible to most people as bands with singers… nothing to do with skibba and shabba.

  15. Dr Booze…..andy c is the most popular PRODUCER in the world? I may have to disagree with you on that. Actually, no “may” to it. As a producer, he hasn’t done much for some time, certainly nothing worthwhile.

  16. Just trying to work out where most of you guys are from, London here :D and re: Gein and his darkside dnb i have to say i love it, and im an old skool dnb’er who has listened to my fair share over a good few years, don’t really see how anyone can slate off great music thats given to them at all, as some one said earlier if u don’t like it don’t listen…………. anyway keep up the great job with the music Gein, vols 1-5 are kicking, gonna go crank the amp up and get shitfaced to some quaility dnb. DM

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