Juju (Phuturo/NarcoHz)- Dubstep Mix 08/2006

Juju narcoHz

info: myspace.com/jujutek, phuturo.com/NarcoHz

Juju is currently one of the busiest and most established DJ/Producers in the Americas. Respected for his fierce DJing, programming and exclusive dubplate selections …

Known for his Drum and Bass Label Phutoro plus various releases on Labels like Revolver, Liquid V, CIA etc… Juju switches Tempo and drops a heavy dubstep mix for you to check out. Not too much noise & distortion in here, just how i like it. Check it!

1. N Type – Tolerance [Tempa]
2. Pinch – Punisher [Planet Mu]
3. Caspa – Rubber Chicken [Tempa]
4. Komonazmuk – Inside [h.e.n.c.h.]
5. Juju – Redup [NarcoHz]
6. Juju – Tribute [NarcoHz]
7. D1 – Missin [Tempa]
8. Headhunter – Sleepwalker [Tempa]
9. Geeneus – Bad Beat [Soulja]
10. Shotz – Creep [dump valve]
12. Coki – Earth Run Red [Soul Jazz]
13. Komonazmuk & White Boi – Skank Step – [h.e.n.c.h]
14. Juju – Iroko [NarcoHz]
15. Skream – Monsoon [Loefah Remix] [Tempa]
16. Distance – Temptation [Tectonic]
17. Juju – Creation [NarcoHz]

22 thoughts on “Juju (Phuturo/NarcoHz)- Dubstep Mix 08/2006

  1. needs more goat sacrifices (j-kiddin, inside joke) .. big up juju and his newfound love of dubstep, he was there just like the rest of us going mental at a Joe Nice set in SF … gotta luv that.

  2. nääh oder!?! geile scheisse tim! wo hasten das ausgegraben?
    fand die juju dubstep-tunes wirklich super (naja eigentlich wie seine d&b tunes nur in langsam), bin mal auf den mix gespannt.
    schönen dank der herr.


  3. achso: wann bucht den kollegen eigentlich mal jmd nach köln?? da wart ich schon seit jahren drauf.

  4. Жирна музика! Правда через рівний і повільний ритм та мінімалістичність жанру, через деякий час починає сильно хилити на сон.

  5. WOW!! dubstep hasnt realy made my day before, but this mix was realy realy nice.
    i know thers a tracklist but i still havnt figured out wich track that starts 20 minutes in. its maaaaad nice. any heads that can tell me??

  6. just don’t get into this dubstep. Nothing new happening here. Would rather listen to some real dub if that was the style I was feeling.

  7. so and now the question:
    where is the source for the sample from ‘Bludclot Artattack’?

    while i always thought ed rush just had some random clash-tape this
    version of the sample sounds much more clean.

    anyone knows something about? would be cool.

    the movie sample is (quite not so surprsingly) ‘blow’ while i’m still not
    sure whether the ‘lickshot’ sample is the same as the dj rap one..but that
    really does not matter – i just want the bloodclot artattack.

  8. sorry for the post above – i think its just the ed rush sample.
    sounds neither more clear nor has it more content .. i am stupid.
    next time i will think more before i post.

  9. HELLLLLO! thanking you thanking you! i like it. god i wish i had something more constructive to say hehe, other than what the hell is he going one about :-/ *points up*
    and umm this is good music. and my dogs name is widget.

  10. this mix is what i need to get my stupid ass out to the NarcoHz shows.


  11. hey, i know i’m a bit late but that is a heaavvvyy set. Anybody able to direct me to more content like this? loads of the sets i’ve found aren;t on the new anymore.

    Chris. DJ N

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