1xtra “Innovation 2005 in the Sun” Special 06/2005

1 Xtra

all files 192 kbps.

host: digitalbeats.com | A big thank you to Jesper for support!

Tracklist Bailey:
Duo Infernale – Positive Vibes [Under Construction]
Mampi Swift – Break The Mould
?? – Hey Mr DJ – [Rebound]
Trace – Sonar (Ed Rush & Optical Alternative Remix) [Prototype/Virus Vaults Dub?]
Dillinja – This is a Warning [Valve]
?? (Out in the streets they call it murder) – Damian Marley/Ini Kamoze sample?
Dubplate – Wots My Code/Champion Sound Mashup
>>>> Dillinja – This is a Warning
Mampi Swift & Fresh – Play Me (Mampi Swift & Blame Remix) [Charge]
Roni Size & Stamina – On and On [V]
TC – Carnival Time VIP
Q Project – Ask Not VIP [Advanced]
Blame – Solarise
Calibre – Second Sun [??]
Cyantific ft Diane Charlemagne – Don’t Follow [Hospital]
Layo & BUshwacka – Love Story (Bkey bootleg)

Tracklist Shy FX:
shy fx feat. top cat – everyday*
>> fresh – all that jazz
ez rollers – ready for love (clipz remix)
shy fx & t-power – feelings*
shy fx – plastic soul
shy fx & t-power – lovers rock
clipz – hold tight*
ebony dubsters – rah*
clipz – vertigo
ebony dubsters – murderation (remix or vip)*
dillinja – basscone vip
chase & status – duppy man*
visionary – cant satisfy her
Icarus – Fruit x
shy fx – on the run
shy fx & t-power – mercy*
zen – dub special*
visionary – you cant surrender*
pendulum & fresh – tarantula*
adam f – ??*
the kox – its ok
krust – malice
pendulum – slam

30 thoughts on “1xtra “Innovation 2005 in the Sun” Special 06/2005

  1. that works, but now I got a dl with 1.3 kb/sec or less… :( I will try it later on…

  2. yes, I´m not kidding :) now it is about 0.5 kb/sec……. no, wait…… 0.2 kb/sec… almost stalled.

  3. Try using Getright or any other download manager that supports SEGMENTED downloading!!! That should work!

  4. What a piece of crap upload service. At first it didn’t even work even after waiting the 45 seconds. Now it’s 0.6KB/sec after the second try. I’m going to see if I can find this somewhere else.

  5. I found Bailey, Brokie and Shy FX from the 1Xtra Live broadcast. I’m uploading them to my server as we speak.

  6. I’m not sure if the files I have are from the same night, maybe they are. Mine were labled 1Xtra Live (though I renamed the files for my own consitent nomenclature) though this thread was labled Intabeats. Did they initially do a 1Xtra Live broadcast of “Innovation in the Sun” and another rebroadcast of Bailey’s “Innovation in the Sun” set during Intabeats? Or is it all the same?

  7. the third last tune that shy fx plays sounds like an adam f and pendulum collaboration…in fact it has to be…..anyhow it is off the hook..wicked tune

  8. Seems all the cross linking has been pushing our server at 10Mbps all day so my brother killed access to all the files. I moved them though if someone would like these files email me [ jesper at-sign blueviking dot com ] and I’ll give you the new URL.

  9. none of the links work can someone please tell me where else i can find these sets?

  10. all links are down if any body can do a megaupload/usendit on either doa or dnba itll be all good,,,,thanks for sharing holla

  11. ne1 knowz what’s the tune after Ray Keith – Murda on Bailey’s Mix?

  12. does anybody here know the track at 42:00 – 42:50 from baileys mix? thx

  13. Nice one for that lads. Although i’m not too pleased with them being torrent files which take much longer for me to download. It’s all gravey baby… speeds are slow (STUCK AT 14KB/S – WILL HAVE TO FIDDLE AND INCREASE SPEED…lll

  14. Hi…i would like know the name of the music in the set of shy fx…
    it is like original nuttah…but in the track list is : ” adam f – ??* ”
    who knows the name?this is a remix or is other music?is a dubplate??
    I am from Brazil….Thanksssss!

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