Goldie b2b Marcus Intalex @ A Bunch Of Cuts meets Metalheadz 05/2010

We Fear Silence


Way back in May, Goldie’s epochal Metalheadz label and the collective known as A Bunch of Cuts went toe to toe. This is Goldie and Marcus Intalex, live, untouched, unaltered and unadulterated for 90 minutes from that night. A heavyweight, bruising roll-out. And, kind of inevitably, it’s the shit.

Heavyweight tunes by the two and MC Lowqui on hype duties. Stream only as of now. .

9 thoughts on “Goldie b2b Marcus Intalex @ A Bunch Of Cuts meets Metalheadz 05/2010

  1. [0:00:00]
    [0:04:54] Jubei & Ulterior Motive – Tevatron
    [0:07:01] Jonny L – Intasound
    [0:15:55] Nymfo – Matchstick
    [0:18:07] Dan Habarnam – One Note Bass
    [0:22:54] Commix – Double Double
    [0:38:27] Dillinja – You Don’t Know
    [0:42:46] Phil Tangent – Lunar
    [0:52:17] Smote – Genteel Poverty
    [0:55:06] Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (The Remix)
    [1:07:57] Capone – Friday
    [1:11:02] Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y – Celestial Navigation
    [1:23:35] Total Science – Defcon 69
    [1:32:06] Subwave – First Time

  2. Nobody ever mentions how awful Marcus’s mixing has become in the past few years. His hearing must be shot to pieces……..

  3. No better or worse than most other djs. Its all about the quality of music with Intalex. Besides with the tracks he has out on dub at the moment his ears must still be well upto the job in hand!!!!!

    Agree with the MCs comment though

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