Flight B2B Rohan & MC Justyce – Live at Dark Jazz Chronicles at BarGuru, Athen 01/2007

Flight Rohan

host: dnbshare.com | info: blog.myspace.com/littlemissflight

“Recorded live at a night called ‘Dark Jazz Chronicles’ that took place on Saturday 20th January at the BarGuru Bar in Athens, courtesy of the d2 crew. On this set you can find Rohan (Bassbin) and yours truly back-to-back on the 1s and 2s, alongside MC Justyce on the microphone.

It was a really good night, and a fabulous weekend all in all (I think I actually wrote a blog about it, either here or in my 1Xtra diary..?) … Hope you enjoy the music!” [Flight @ Myspace]

Breakage ‘Lightweight’ – Bassbin
Breakage ‘Losing Track VIP’ – Bassbin
Doc Scott ‘Drumz 95’ – Metalheadz
Lemon D ‘12.01’ – Valve
Breakage ‘Ask Me’ – Bassbin
>>Lemon D ‘Can’t Take This’ – Valve
Break ‘Let It Happen’ – Shogun Audio
Heist ‘Jazz Time’ – Full Cycle
Lemon D ‘What’s Up?’ – Metalheadz
Sonar Circle ‘Craterous’ – Treble0?
A-Sides ‘Crabs In Buckets’ – Hospital
Vertigo ‘The Drained’ – Droppin’ Science
J Majik ‘Your Sound (Remix)’ – Razors Edge
Intensity ‘Generations’ – Basement
Breakage ‘Hinds Sight’ – Bassbin
Rufige Kru ‘Vanilla’ – Metalheadz
>>Photek ‘Sidewinder’ – Photek Productions
Survival ‘Resolution’ – DNAudio
Jonny L ‘Enter Night’ – Mr L Records
Spirit ‘Coming Home’ – Progress
S.O.S ‘Spacefunk (Nasty Habits Remix)’ – Timeless
L.I.S ‘Apple Fingers’ – Play:Musik
Spirit ‘Nightshade’ – Play:Musik
Alix Perez ‘Inner Blues’ – Bassbin
Trackheadz ft. Zaki ‘Feel’ – NRK

30 thoughts on “Flight B2B Rohan & MC Justyce – Live at Dark Jazz Chronicles at BarGuru, Athen 01/2007

  1. i was there yooooo!!!nice to see this here.DnB scene in athens is going strong

  2. Groove , “””Alix Perez ‘UNKNOW’ – Bassbin””””


    bRazil , Osasco Connected.

  3. yeah, finally some tunes spinning business from flight!
    I missed her a lot here! :)

  4. J Majik ‘Your Sound (Remix)’ – Razors Edge
    Breakage ‘Hinds Sight’ – Bassbin

    between those two it is:
    Intensity ‘Generations’ – Basement

    S.O.S ‘Spacefunk (Rufige Kru Remix)’ – Timeless
    is the Nasty Habits Remix


    Alix Perez ‘?’ – Bassbin is called:
    Inner Blues

  5. nice to see athens dnb scene here ;D

    are there any greek dnb mcs? would be really interesting to hear!

  6. Good lord!!

    Is there any chance you can use a different photo?! Please..? Pretty please..!

    done :D

  7. big up flight everytime!! rohan too of course!! cant wait for ‘inner blues’

  8. Break ‘Let It Happen’ sounds alot like High Contrast – Global Love (Calibre Remix), which also happens to kill a dance. Interesting….

  9. Awesome set, I bet this was one great party!

    Diggin that house track at the end too!

  10. I like this mix a lot, but as grington wrote, the mc disturbes. he dominates the record. anyway… nice one!

  11. Superb mix… ruined by a too-high-in-the-mix-never-shutting-up MC. The best MCs are the ones that know when to be quiet.

  12. @signed beckon imho is exactly that, what makes a good mc realy good and not just another labermashine.

  13. raaah! deep sounds, made ta hurt ya inside, omg i feel the pain…gimme some more!!!! big up rohan, n flight sista gwarn X

  14. I think the MC does better than everyone is giving him credit for! Certainly not G.O.A.T. but at the same time not terrible.

  15. nice one peeps./ yes, this is one of our nights @ Jazz Upstairs in Athens. heavy party that was, as well as the next one q/ DJ Pinch, ourselves, a dub/roots DJ and Justyce again

    the MC is fucking hot, the problem was the levels on the recording. Out in the PA his voice was almost behind the music and didn’t bother a-t all.
    Justyce’s last appearence here was even better with 2 1/2 hrs of deep n heavy music & lyrics all the way through :::DDD

    some of these tunes in the flight & rohan mix absolutely killed the dancefloor
    p-r-o-p-e-r vibes for a 200-strong attic, originally used for Jazz live bands. :bliss:

    watch out for next year’s string of tri-monthly events in the same spot ;)

  16. guys this is a quality mix, I just don’t see how you can have any negative comments about justiyc, he is superb. especially compared all the quicklip mcs out there like skibba etc !

    the guy was just returning from a bit of a sabbatical but this guy used to MC down the blue note for Metalheadz on a regular occasion and always smashed it up. he knows how to let the tunes play away without overpowering them, although I agree on this mix, especially at the start, the levels are a bit too high.

    big up justiyc

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