The Insiders feat. Ayah – Live at Dojo Lounge, Bristol 29/09/2006

Ben Payne Insiders Intrigue

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Features a 60 minute mix from The Insiders and Ayah from the September Intrigue, full of the baddest plates around. Check out Intrigue on Myspace at . Peace, and enjoy!

A.I. – Fat Freddy’s Drop Remix (plate)
Calibre – ‘The way You Make Me Feel’ (plate)
Invaderz – ‘So Low’ (DJ Marky remix) (plate)
The Insiders – ‘Zero Degrees’ (Horizons plate)
Survival – ‘Friendly Fire’ (plate)
Calibre – ‘Luminous’ (Soul:R)
Sonic – ‘Dreamscape’ (Bingo)
Mathematics – ‘Bells’ (Nu Directions plate)
The Insiders in the mix feat. Ayah
Recorded live at Dojo Lounge, Bristol, Sept 29th 2006.
The Insiders – ‘Lost Souls’ (plate)
Logistics – ‘Inhale’ (Hospital)
Deep Inc. – ‘Skyliner’ (plate)
Commix – ‘Hide & Seek (Metalheadz)
Calibre – ‘Like It Is’ (Innerground plate)
Commix – ‘What’s Your Sign’ (Metalheadz)
Switch – ‘Still Waters’ (Lucky Devil plate)
Icicle & Switch ‘Do I Move You’ (Lucky Devil plate)
A.I. – Robert Owens Remix (plate)
Furney – ‘Untitled’ (plate)
Survival – ‘The Sun’ (plate)
The Insiders – ‘Off The Cuff’ (Nu Directions plate)
Tronik 100 – ‘So Blind’ (plate)
Random Movement ‘She Don’t Get It’ (plate)
The Insiders feat. Ayah – ‘Meltdown’ (Metalheadz plate)
The Insiders – ‘Vengeance’ (plate)
Commix – ‘Perfect Blue’
Fierce & Optiv – ‘Surface Noise’ (Quarantine)

17 thoughts on “The Insiders feat. Ayah – Live at Dojo Lounge, Bristol 29/09/2006

  1. Once again The Insiders have proven they can deliever the goods!

    p.s. by the way does anyone know if there is a house version of the ‘breaksblog’ or something along the lines where we can download fresh house mixes.

    Thanks in advance

  2. boooooooh
    big it up
    also, I got accepted to grad school, so be looking for Strifey live in person at Intrigue events coming soon

  3. Smooth and saucey mix….personally could have been better without the MC (no disrespect to her)

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