Fabio Interview 15/04/2006

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A 5 min interview with legendary DJ Fabio turns into a 25 min chat about drugs, radio, house and more.

A very personal and in-depth interview with DJ Fabio (Radio1, Creative Source). Big up the interviewer, nice job done. Also check the other interviews with LTJ Bukem, London Electricity and more … just click on ” More from this provider” on the GoogleVideo link.

26 thoughts on “Fabio Interview 15/04/2006

  1. big up fabio!!!! good point on the drugs i feel the same way!!!
    respect!!! it is all bout the music!!

  2. bleh, just listen to the chat? as for fabio is not looking at the guy – i can not even see his eyes due to cap and skintone eh. the interviewer is cool as fuck if you ask me.

  3. very nice interview! fabio spitting his heart out, admitting he’s just a regular guy trying to get things to a higher level.


  4. Speaking for Fabio! How old is he anyway? I mean if you ask me, he’s been around the Dn’B scene for ages. Yet I never once heard him say how old he was.

    Can anybody help with this?

  5. Fabio must be in his late 30s or early 40s…. just like rider, ss etc……

  6. aw good ol’ fabio. been raving to him for over half my life, respect due. interviewer is very subtle at probing, lets the man speek on, very placating at the right time and links perfectly. very pro.

  7. fabio is a turd! him and rider should retire and hand it over to more talented and motivated peeps

  8. Hey, i wouldn’t say he’s a turd, although i would have thought (not really a professional but…) that after 10 – 15 years? surely you could/would be a serious talented technical DJ – not because you want to, but because after that amount of time you’d reach a certain level of professionalism that i just dont see/hear in any of his sets.

    I think his radio 1 show is alot tighter than any of the sets i’ve heard.

  9. cool interviews man!

    although the interviewer looks a bit like nathan barley!! lol

  10. I found this interview to be very telling of both drum and bass and the whole music scene in general. For off, big up Fabio for clearing the air concerning mainstream hip-hop; the inspiration is dying and soon, we will have very little to go on. Plus, these record studios and companies need to stop giving bullshit artists money to produce bullshit music. Secondly, house will forever be the love of anyone who is a dj. I have spoken to people who have never heard a house tune, but will immediate get up and rave to it. There is something seductive about a well programmed house set and well produced house track. Thirdly, as a novice in the dj world, I was sort of suprised that Fabio said there were too many djs. But, I think he meant in the sense of events. And lastly, Fabio is not a turd and he is really really technical when it comes to his sets. He is from the old skool, and probably doesn’t see the point in being as ‘technical’ as other djs. Besides, we have all seen what happens when someone tries to spin like someone else: they suck. Drum n bass is a strange form of music and this is why it needs to retain an orthodox method of working it. Sorry for the essay… ;)

  11. Hi, i am fabio’s daughter and i hope my dad does well in the music industry.
    love fab xxx

  12. hi its me fabio’s daughter and my mate naz. we just wanted to say fabio is the coolest. good luck the music. p.s if you cuss him i will hunt you down, BIG TIME luv Nazzy and The Fabster!

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