Doc Scott – Livemix 05/2006

Doc Scott 31 Records

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[…] Never one to concentrate on one sound or one style, he plays across the board, just like his production work. Truly giving crowds around the world the A-Z of drum n bass […]

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1. chase & status – believe – bingo
2. artificial intelligence – bloodlines – v
3. calibre & zero tolerance – still – signature
4. artificial intelligence – moving on (marky & bungle remix) – v
5. marky & bungle – no time 2 love – innerground
6. martyn – metal remix
7. calibre – brit flick
8. dj die – full cycle dub
9. marky & bungle – codename a1
10. roni size – full cycle dub
11. calibre – true stories – signature
12. matrix – tears
13. shogun white label
14. sub focus – airplane – ram
15. dillinja – expansions – valve
16. d star & vector burn – winter in america – metalheadz
17. dillinja – shit bag – valve

25 thoughts on “Doc Scott – Livemix 05/2006

  1. 16. Dstar & Vector Burn – winter in america (intro)
    17. Dillinja
    18. (back into) Dstar & Vector Burn – winter in america
    19. ???

  2. I think you mean #9 and #5 are switched because the tune after DJ Die – Camoflage is most definitely Marky & Bungle – No Time 2 Love. And that last Dillinja tune is awful.. good set overall though!

  3. like his recent output on 31, doc scott is coming with some poor selections

    only redeeming factors in this mix are

    6. martyn – metal remix
    7. calibre – brit flick

    the rest is poo

  4. doc scott was mixing records when most of yall were just a stain on your daddy’s jeans…. don’t hate

    much respect to doc scott for the new mix !!

  5. fucking right no one does the beats like doc scott man i remember scottie all the way back too the edge and before. respect doc.

  6. sick mix. but whoever did the tracklist for this, needs a slap!! its all over the fuckin place

  7. i will always have alot of time for doc scott, his label and huge infleuence on the scene – he has dared to release tunes that have changed the sound (mist -the way u make me feel, pendulum – the vault, shadow boxing etc). also when i have seen him dj over the last years he always played a diverse deep selection that was a little different to the rest :-)

    no disrespect to true master but this mix fails to move me……. i only dig 3 or 4 tunes in there … disappointed.

    @ doc scott … if u reading this, please do a special deep rinse for the breaksblog headz.

  8. What is it with all these f**kin morons and the ‘don’t hate’ bullshit. If u dont like a mix then thats fair enuff. Just because the mix is by someone who has been around from day one and has produced anthems in the past doesnt mean we all have to get on our knees and suck dick. christ I mean look at roni size… brown paper bag, its jazzy etc… awesome… and now? some of the worst drum & bass around.. like a brain damaged 5 year old with a fisher price sampler and a bag of pills… piss poor. Yet these twats will all start foaming at the mouth if you dare say it.. Dillinja is shit too… there, more ammo for the ‘how dare you say something bad about my hero’ crew

  9. Lets all face the fact that the drum and bass scene has turned into a farce with no women really interested in the music and loads of geezers with tops off not giving a f*ck. Apart from hospital records, calibre, total science and the liquid funk scene it mostly sounds the same and I for one ain’t buying it any more. Pendulum blew the whole scene up with their quality and it has frankly imploded! GOOD F*CKING RIDDANCE

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