Doc Scott feat. Mc Justyce @ Gamma Funkula 22/11/2008

Doc Scott on the Decks© Fitsum


This set has been lying on my harddrive for a while and i just recently realized how good it is. Doc Scott laying out a selection of stone cold beats in his distinctive mixing style, backed up with absolute on-point hosting by Mc Justyce. Some classics and reworks included.

1. SpectraSoul – Peninsula [SHOGUN AUDIO]
2. ??? – ??? [???]
3. !!!
4. ??? – ??? [???]
5. Alix Perez – Genetic [N/A]
6. ??? – ??? [???]
7. Commix – Rack It [HOSPITAL]
8. ST.Files – Cold Front [SOUL:R]
9. Subwave – Indigo [SHOGUN AUDIO]
10. ??? – ??? [???]
11. ??? – ??? [???]
12. Shy Fx – Plastic Soul (D Bridge Silent Soul Remix) [DIGTIAL SOUNDBOY]
13. ??? – ??? [???]
14. Breakage – Clarendon VIP [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
15. Dillinja – Threshold
16. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction Refix
17. Calibre – Oh Please [SIGNATURE]
18. ??? – ??? [???]
19. Rufige Kru – Lettin’ Go (AI Remix) [METALHEADZ]
20. Break – Is This What You Want? [SYMMETRY]
21. Subwave – Special Skills [METALHEADZ PLATINUM]

30 thoughts on “Doc Scott feat. Mc Justyce @ Gamma Funkula 22/11/2008

  1. that tracklist is pretty wrong to be honest. will do a better one if i get a chance

  2. 11 Is’nt the the foul play mix then David?

    3 Loxy & Cern Juggernaught…..fat tune

    Been loving this mix for a week or so, ive digested and loved it over and over again

    Shame Justyce doent MC like he used to like in the days of Blue Note , whats with the shouting :(

    Other than that cant fault the mix, some real beatz here fo sho

  3. Much better than i heard him live performing in Lithuania. Eastern europian audience is the reason to play shit maybe..

  4. these are the sounds of living legend this is just part of a 90 min set wkd dj an honour to have him grace the dex.

  5. Is it just me or is this mix WAAY too fast? Tracks sound good but I can’t appreciate the b-lines at this speed. Thumbs down for that reason alone.

  6. come on people, after the dubs-are-evil and the minimal-sucks thread, lets start the easterners-listen-to-shit rant…
    not serious.

  7. LogicOps, how would you explain a HUGE contrast in this Doc Scott’s set and his Vilnius selection? Was he “in the mood” to play shit? :) If someone starts the “easterners-listen-to-shit” rant, it is only you, my friend, because easterners would be glad to listen to some good music, if only a guest DJ would want to play some, which wasn’t the case that night ;)

  8. hahaha.

    you guys will never stop .:-)))

    Check the gamma funkula site and don’t try to compare it with Metro gig in Vilnius.

    Totally different events, and sometimes the gig makes influence to dj, his mood and his selection.

    The same with you, different gigs, different selections, different mood etc etc.

  9. yeah well, as i said, not serious. forgot the blinking irony tags, sorry. :)
    i, too, must admit that i thought intakz was serious, now i learn he probably wasn’t, since he is from lithuania himself…

    i’ve never really seen a dj play different stuff for (geographically) different audiences. and i don’t know what he played, but what is “shit” in the first place… it’s always a matter of taste, no?

  10. LogicOps, but he IS serious :) Well, you’re right bout tastes mate, but we are still coming to conclusion, that Lithuanian gig/audience/food/bear/chicks or whtvr. got him into mood to play sissy jump’up’y set instead of deeper stuff we can hear here (and which in my SUBJECTIVE oppinion is much better).

    JaZzy, he was spinning @ one gig with Loxy and dBridge who both played killer sets, without a bit of “Lithuania induced mood” ;) BTW, “Gamma Funkula” webpage sucks big time! :D But the place itselft looks cool & cozy.

    P.S. Plain and simple – we don’t see sets like Doc spinned that night posted on This fact more or less sums up my oppinion on the topic.

  11. yea its cozy, not like place where Doc played in Vilnius. :-)))

    I think the promoter have talked with Doc or his manager about the set before the gig, try to browse and find a topic about that.

    maybe that was the cause.

  12. im the promoter of gamma funkula and doc scott was playing straight after grooverider for the 1st time in his home town coventry for many years in an old warehouse . i think he always delivers a complex selection of tunes he did the same when he played b2b with goldie in december @ gamma funkula. I think if u get the crowd hyped up and lively before the names step up it makes it easier 4 them 2 roll the beats . gt nicky blackmarket ripping it up from december 08 will get put up in week . ps what do u mean ” gammafunkula web page sucks big time ” lol

  13. adi, no offence, but Gamma Funkula homepage is sooo out of 1996 when flash-based webpages have just been introduced.. but maybe that was your goal with it.. ;)

  14. ha ha ha when it comes to computers im out of my depth i just wanted to show people the work that had been made thanks for the feed back im on it .

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