DJ Silvahfonk (IChiOne) – In Shadow we Trust 06/2009



This mix is dedicadet to my friends June Miller – El Maria and Mindmapper aka The kru from Holland and my own crew that excist for 5 years and afcourse and the people that support me, including breaksblog :)

DJ Silvahfonk has been on the decks for 17 years, always mixing up the old and new with creativity and style. Get your dose of deep rolling drumfunky beats with this spectacular mix. 3 decks in action, no ads, no talking. Catch him live at jungletrain and IChiOne.

01. Mindmapper feat: Mindsister – Solar StillBreak-Fast Audio Dub
02. D Bridge – A Last Cause Exit
03. Breakage – Creation Rebel Critical
04. Mindmapper – The Seeker Broken Audio Dub
05. Alaska – After life Paradox music
06. Amit feat: Outrage – Unholy Commercial Suicide
07. Technical Itch – Claw Technical Itch rec
08. Elmaria- June Miller & Mindmapper – Mound Tanaga Dub
09. Alix Perez & Sabre – God fearing Metalheadz
10. Paradox – Give the drummer some Reinforced
11. Amit – Warriors Commercial Suicide
12. Stranjah – Trance Out Dub
13. Loxy & Isotone – Ancient Cylon
>> Andy Skopes – Yeah you know Uncertified music
14. Phuture T – Shaka Dub
15. Density – Who want some? Punctured Light
16. Fanu – Toshiro Darkestral
17. Photek – Ten IChi Ryu (teebee remx) Photek product
18. Data – Blowpipe Lucky Devil
19. Antidote – 3rd Degree Syncopathic Dub
20. Sci Clone – El Son Reinforced
21. Dj Trax feat: Becky Biggins – Heavens Gate (Insight rmx) Dub

64 thoughts on “DJ Silvahfonk (IChiOne) – In Shadow we Trust 06/2009

  1. Not really a good one…
    Old tunes and mixing sounds like porridge.

  2. @ Inspectror Rubber: The only porridge here seems to be in your ears!

    A quality mix once again, great selection and skillful mixing! Big up Silvahfonk!

  3. listening again…! great selection and mixing. this brought back to mind more than a few good tunes from yesteryears gone by… plus the song titles go well together in a clever sort of way.

  4. Inspector Rubber obviously has the genitals of a Ken doll.

    Excellent mix, varied selection & inventive mixing.

    Can’t fault it.

  5. I really like the intro tune. The soundquality is not really good though. And i prefer to give the tunes some breathing air instead of this fast mixing. If you mix a bit slower it should be a bit less messy as well, but that is just me.

    Seems like you have some friends here to defend you, so come and get me. ;)

  6. bring back the boringly flawless computerized dubplate mixes for the homeshitters plzkthx :badcrack:

    badboy mix mr silvahfonk

  7. Its pitty that some people not like this mix.. To be honest it is my best i ever did and i worked hard to let it sounds like this..
    Why people give me not a good advice instead of saying what they say .. Now i can’t learn from it. And people think i am not downloading this mix because its sounds bad…

    Damn pitty.. I am not a producer and my opinion about djing is make combinations and let it flow..and being creative.
    Andy C becomes best dj in the world for 8 times i believe.. and Dj Marky is a damn good creative dj imo ..
    I learn from that kind of DJ’s
    If i want to listen to one tune after another .. i download podcast mixes or producer showcase mixes and listen to that.
    Anyway i don’t need friends that defend me i can defend myself i respect everybody. and if i think that i mix is not so good i give some advice so the dj can learn from it.. Or i say nothing. and i say it to the dj when i see him in persinal.

    Producer dj’s let tunes breath… Sorry but i can’t deal with dis respectfull reaction come with advice so i can do it better next time or ignore this page and let other people judge for themselfs .
    I hope you understand…
    My respect and big ups to Tim for posting this mix and give it some attention..
    and much respect to the people that like it and support what i do..
    Peace greetings Curtis Silvahfonk

  8. Don’t take it personal, dude. the interwebz is full of baseless/uninformed criticism.

    do your thing…

  9. keep doing ur thing and enjoy the music silvahfonk.

    ….and its lovely to hear someone draw el son ;)

  10. Great tunage and mixing. Dunno what Inspectror Rubber is talking about. I’m just not sure about that Tech Itch tune. Big mix for meh, respect ;)

  11. i bet these two honks would be glad to be equipped with these mixing skills.
    Great mix!

  12. @Silvahfonk

    Seriously deep mix, don’t let the others get you down, it’s true the mixing is fast and doesn’t let some of the tunes breathe which I think is important when you’re rolling out these drum-heavy, choppy kind of breaks but the selection is absolutely top-notch.

    Good stuff!

  13. fast mixes are fine as long as the transition isn’t jarring.

    Nice work, Silvahfonk.

  14. TL looks big, totally my thing. Thank god for this evolution we are making. A year ago i wasn’t this happy.

  15. Aja @ silvahfonk, any possibility that we can get a (low) version of the sets played at ichione? Pretty curious about i:m & phil source their set. Actually all of them but year… :p


  16. Jeez, ever heard of opinions man? Can’t we write any feedback or what? My next point is: good try with your comment. Try to handle some negative feedback and learn English.

    All the best.

  17. don’t be mad man.. And yes my english sucks big time i agree..i learn it from tv haha
    Anyway my opion is give feed back i can deal with or feedback i can learn from it is that so difficult??

    Instead of being a asswhole you MUST know i accept opion’s.. But say it in a other way..instead of a cockey bastard way..
    If you can do it better post a mix so so you can teach me to do it..
    Thankx to the rest..

    And at Poepsnor sorry i believe the sets are not being recorded :( damn shame..
    thankx for your time

  18. Read my first post again. There is definitely feedback in there. Positive, less positive and how to do it better so I don’t know what you are talking about.

  19. @ Gennaro

    You see a 3 decks action mix what do you expect?
    a easy going let it breath mix? sorry man have not read my explanation good .
    I respect your opinion, but i don’t like the way you say it particularly if you start saying learn english and deal with negative feedback.
    About the last words it have nothing to do with this mix so it makes no sense
    So my regret ..
    You don’t like it..
    Lets stay possitive..
    Teach me or please ignore me

  20. Pff whiners…
    @gerranomo of kwenie wadde

    Simple facts: 21tracks 61 minutes isn’t fast… Maybe you are so slow that this mix is then über fast for you. You shouldn’t leave such details behind man, das nie goed voor u credibility aight!

  21. Mr. Silvahonk honk, you obviously got some serious isues about taking criticism to your heart like that.

    We are people. People have opinions. I have an opinion.

    In my opinion your mix is porridge, deal with it and stop crying.

  22. I bet Inspector Rubberduck will soon come up with a minimum 4 decks set with absolutely new unknown not tracks heavily breathing the air of free opinion

  23. Silvahfonk´s mixes are always a sensation for me, also this one is it
    So stop this unqualified critics – rubbish !

  24. The worst word I have ever come across to negatively describe anything… Let alone a mix… Is “Porridge”…

    What a fucking idiot.

  25. @ Inspector Rubber..

    Can you please explain why it sounds porridge to you? there must be a explanation for it. Why so negative? and after that send me a tissue. So i can clean your tears in a digital way, You the one that cried.

    Anyway.. much respect to the people that likes my mix my apreciation is big and you all must know that.. Iit is strange of me to react to negative responses but sometimes you need to defend yourself in this strange world..

    And to be honest i agree my way of write english is rubbish. But i trye it, i believe there are people here that can’t even write dutch so..
    Don’t actack me on the way i disscrible my points to this..
    My opinion is if it sounds bad explain why it sounds bad not only say:
    (This is not really a good mix old tunes and the mix sounds porridge.). what is that for a response hahahahaha…
    Keep listen and once again thankx to Breakblog to put this one up..
    Later this year i come back with a new mix..

    ;) Hope you all in for that..
    For now take a good care enjoy music and respect eachother and learn from eachother.. and always do the right thing..
    Good music is timeless ..
    Peace and please stay positive ..the world is hard enough you know ;)

  26. I do mr Resin.. It is what my good friends said.. you can’t be everyone’s best friend..
    I hope you like it.. Big up big time

  27. I think you had a right to get annoyed because some people are being overly rude.

  28. Why do you think every comment has to be some scientific work with your mix egzamination?
    You know, first impression is everything, I made mine for sure. Not only about your mix, but also about your cry-baby attitude.

  29. Inspector Rubber.. You are awesome…….. ;)

    You just proved me that you are acting like a little child that gets no Icecream or something ..
    Sorry man you make a complete fool of yourself.. You don’t can’t explain me whats wrong with this mix.. you can’t i almost think you are havin a jalouzie problem.. and i perfer not use that word because then you can think oh now you act cockey and whatever.. But i am wondering why you act like this whats your problem???

    One more time give me a good explanation or please go out and bug someone else with your new bought words like Cry Baby and stuff like that
    ACT Normal on this website mate..
    jeeeez ..Take care

  30. i know some words are written in the wrong context .. But you know what i try to say yeah? Mr Inspector Rubber??..

    What i try to say is you are moaning shit and you can’t explain what you saying and now you say i am the cry baby..
    You made me laugh badboy :) thankx ..

  31. Its all about the music.. And the vibe and let me come clear i am here not for negative vibes or fights or stuff like that i am here to present. My mix what i made for and
    With respect to the movement and to the listners out there..
    Keep it real and enjoy life music and vibez..

  32. I’ve been following the Silva vs. Rubber thread with interest and thought I could bring some objectivity. I personally love the mix – as a DJ who started in 99 and was brought up on Speed / Rage / Roast 94 / 95 / 96 sounds I love the selection and can find no fault with the mixing.

    What I infer that Inspector Rubber’s opinion is that – in his ears – the mixing style doesn’t pick out each tune as a stand-alone track, but rather blends them together, and he chose the unfortunate term “porridge” to describe this.

    However, this is one person’s opinion, and they are entitled to it, and as a DJ of 17 years I’d have thought you’d have a thicker skin Silvafonk! In fairness, Rubber has clearly stated his personal problems with the mix (and therefore implicitly what he thinks you can do to improve it – i.e. mix like Marcus Intalex or Danny Byrd), so I don’t understand what more you want from him than a fight…

    Peace (of the Pi)

  33. @ inspector rubbish :
    don´t understand your attitutde, you get here a mix for free, possibly you love it, it makes your day, maybe for a long long time – or you don´t like a mix ,than clean it out of your system. but you start a fight with the artist ! it´s a little bit like when BORAT come to a modern art gallery, but not so funny !

    @ Silvahfonk :
    a new mix later this year – GREAT ! Many thanks !

  34. Yeah really like the mix! Silva just does what he does, plays what he wants, mixes how he wants, whatever your taste. Think the mix is a wicked example of someone trying to put tons of effort into what they do, its not just a few tunes thrown together and everyone other one on the double drop out of key. Sounded like a pretty well thought out mix to me, regardless tunes being old or fresh. The mix has flow, rarity.

    @ Gennaro – Ofcourse he can take feedback and I bet Silva knows that he can’t please everyone. (Who can?) But slating his language skills is a bit sour no?

    Anyway, mix is runnin! Stay Posi!

  35. Slating someone for dropping older tunes is well lame.

    A good tune is a good tune regardless of year of release.

    Anyway, keep it positive.

  36. Silvah,

    Great mix man. If it sounds good who cares if it’s old. People still listen to hendrix lol.

    Do your thing and F*** the haters. You don’t see him mixing anything do you? If it was that easy, then inspectah rubber (what kind of f* tag is that by the way?) would be posted up on this blogspot. The fact is that YOU are and he’s not, so don’t worry mate.

    Looking forward to a future mix.

  37. Big ups Silvafonk! Mix was hot. I heard a few minor minor mixes, but nothing to moan over. I think you pissed off that moaner by stealing their girl or something. Now he’s going to hate on anything you put out. Be careful of the internet haterz.

  38. Don’t get involved Silvah, not worth it, and never looks good, even if you’re in the right.
    Mix was cool, worth Downloading for sure.

  39. Thankx everyone for all those nice and sweet comments so far..
    I am seriously happy that you like what you hear..
    And no worries it is ok now .

    I think nobody is perfect and you can always learn more, and you can´t be everyones best friend..
    For that the world is to big..
    But for me it is the music and especialy the drum n bass that counts..
    And i am happy for real with al the possitive vibes and support..that i have right now in the small dnb world ;)
    Don´t worrie there will come a new mix later this year..
    Enjoy music enjoy the vibez at parties this summer and explore styles that grows everytime ..
    My biggest respect and power to all of you ..
    People that like and people they don’t big up

  40. love this mix, one of my favorite at the moment, next to the autonomic bits, connex and beast of legend

  41. First off, I get chills when I listen to the first 25 minutes of this mixset. Its INSANELY good. Well thought out. For me, if I’m not hooked by the second or third track, I probably won’t listen to the rest of the mix. Another good sign is that it took me more than one listen to hear where one track is mixed into the next. The tracks just work together….so much so that it would be difficult to imagine hearing, say, track 3 *without* track 4 immediately afterward. THAT is the sign of a good mixset, IMO. I hate when “DJs” simply beatmatch tracks that do not go together like they don’t care about creating a feel…an experience. It shows a lack of knowledge of one’s personal collection of tracks. I don’t want to listen to a bunch of mismatched shit. This mixset, on the other hand, just flows. And its expertly mixed.

    Big up, Mr. Silva…shrug off the haters and keep doing your thing. You definitely know your music and took the time to really think this one out. And I thank you for that! =)

  42. ouahou everybody !!!!
    you ‘ll have headiks speaking so much like that
    just listen music is sometimes the best to do
    much respect to mista silvahfonk

  43. Big ups to the Silvahfonk and this one was nice! Good stuff and I have no “clue” as to what prophylactics issue with this mix was.

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