The Insiders & Ayah – Meltdown Launch @ Lab, Bristol 05/2009

Meltdown Launch Party


Join us as we return to Intrigue’s former home to celebrate the release of Intrigue anthem ‘Meltdown’.

Rewound on every Insiders set i have heard over the years, the guys finally released “Meltdown” on their own imprint Intrigue Recordings. Here is the warmup set by the guys featuring a charismatic Ayah on the mic and a nice selection of across the board breaks and basslines.

Unknown – Burning Deep (Burn001)
Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Intrigue Music 004)
Break – Out of Nowhere (Intrigue Music 002)
Squash – P-Style (Intrigue Music 004)
Lynx & Kemo – Hotriders (Soul:R)
Bal – Out There (Influence)
Unknown – J Spot (White)
Eveson – Crying Version (dub)
Commix – Justified (dub)
Instra:Mental – No Future (dub)
Lynx & Kemo – Apocalypse (Soul:R)
System – Thought Reform (dub)
The Insiders – Untitled (dub)
Teebee – Liquid Light (Subtitles)
Atlantic Connection – Skeleton Man (Soul:R)
The Insiders – Heatwave (dub)
Icicle & Commix – Ultra Clean (dub)
Survival – 2nd Phaze (dub)
Influx UK – Do Right, Do Wrong (Formation)
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (bootleg)
Zero T – Call Waiting (CIA)
The Insiders & Ayah – Meltdown (Intrigue Music 003)
System – Unknown (dub)
The Insiders – Crunch Time (dub)

31 thoughts on “The Insiders & Ayah – Meltdown Launch @ Lab, Bristol 05/2009

  1. Been looking for a fresh mix from The Insiders for a while…….Nice! Having Ayah on the mic is the icing on the cake!

  2. @denis
    it’s not just the break its everything around it man ;)

    and looks like that track is insiders-untitled following the track listing b.o.s.

  3. That J-Spot thing still kills it!

    Will be finding its way back into my bag very shortly.

    T/l looks excellent, on the d/l.

  4. I have never understood these wack MC’s
    This is good music that does not a gimmick

  5. No way, Ayah rips it and turns the party out.

    The world needs more Ayah vocal tracks. Meltdown and especially Apex’s The Space Between Us give me goosebumps.

  6. …And you thought only male MCs were annoying…

    I agree with Idreaminhd I’m afraid – too much reverse snobbery about London and although some of her spitting is alright, the singing detracts rather than enhances the beats

  7. You wouldnt sit at home beardstroking to how this and that is not perfectly right to your ears if you had been out there sipping on beer and having a laugh or be brocking out on the dancefloor. This is not a studiomix ffs

  8. LOL – calm down Pete, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I agree that you probably wouldn’t notice how annoying Ayah’s spitting is if you’re pissed up and it’s on a 2K sound system

  9. Ha! I’m with you Pete. That shit is live and I guarantee had any of us actually been there, the Mic Control would have added to the experience.

  10. the first track’s pepe braddock – deep burnt. forget who remixed it though.. i suspect its lenzman’s rmx.

  11. Agreed – this MC is bloody annoying… Good on tracks but chatting bollocks and singing shit ditties….bloody nora

    Good tunes mind you

  12. Congrats Noble you’ve won the opportunity to buy it from the intrigue store ;) haha

  13. I enjoyed this set big time.. And i think the Mc Ayah did a cool job only sometimes to much .. It is live so whatever.
    .The Insiders showcases are fresh imo..

  14. should be more female mc’s. not my fave but she does more than ok. nice tl too

  15. Noble,

    I’m pretty sure it is! ha it’s called burning deep ;) I got it on vinyl, big tune!

  16. Wicked set, tunage and atmospere.

    I think Ayah did a good job too, sometimes she a bit too much and a bit too loud IMHO, but I’m sure she rocked the crowd there. I would have enjoyed the night if I was there :D

    I’m not quite a fan of MC’s (there are some exceptions though), but if they’ are there, there is no reason to start hating. It’s not something you can change so just enjoy the night or mix and try to get the best out of it :)

  17. I may have been a bit to harsh. I do like certain mc’s that have some substance to them.

  18. ayah is a queen, great mc lovely lady bringin the vibes and u complain…

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