Dj Presha feat. Calibre – Next Level Show 95BFM 22/09/2007

Next Level

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DJ Presha with new bits by High Contrast, Break, Nympho and many more aswell as a exclusive Interview with the man CALIBRE.

High Contrast – Tread Softly [HOSPITAL]
D.Kay & Kasra – Spider [CRITICAL]
Hobzee – Don’t Go [NU DIRECTIONS]
Break – Day One [QUARANTINE]
Mosus – Heavier Than Heaven [NU DIRECTIONS]
Calibre – Thoughtless [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]

Hobzee & Zyon Base – Unspoken
Calibre – Try [CRITICAL]
Nympho & Proxima – Backstage Pass
Trei – Vibrations [SAMURAI]
Klute & Locomotion – Brightside
Notion & Hobzee – The Art Of Combat
Polar – ???


Calibre – Savannah Heat
Trei & Dose – The Other Part Of Me [SAMURAI]
Chris Interspective – Hot Waffles [EXIT]
D-Bridge – Freedom Club [EXIT]

19 thoughts on “Dj Presha feat. Calibre – Next Level Show 95BFM 22/09/2007

  1. Nice interview from Presha – the last one he did with Calibre was also really honest and enlightening.

    I’m not surprised he has 70 tunes to choose from for his new lp …… I was kinda shocked that he said he writes music to keep himself sane. But I guess it is inevitable as he is the most creative/innovative dnb producers in the last years plus his music is extremely sincere and packed with emotion.

  2. calibre is music is just timeless and pure soul..
    music concrete still sounds fresh…
    soul is timeless. hes definitely kept my interest and love of this music
    cant touch that ;) on and on…!

  3. Given the chance I bet Rollo would suck some Calibre cock. I certainly wouldn’t be have to asked twice!

  4. @Daisykay….. I think you would want to seem how you mentioned it … Im on into the female sort myself and are lucky to have a very lovely one at that. Keep your fucking lame comments for some other forum you small minded twat.

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