D-Bridge feat. MC SP – Trainwreck Mix for RBMA Radio 01/2008

RBMA Radio

info: redbullmusicacademyradio.com

D-Bridge is not one of the many Drum’n’ Bass artists who flirted with the mainstream, fell off and has since never been seen again. Instead he stayed true to the music as the scene changed into more diverse directions. Alongside his brother Steve, better known as Spacek, he also co-produced Spacek’s seminal “Vintage High-Tech” album. Here D-Bridge delivers some troo-skool bass spirituals from brand new dubs to stone cold classics.

Head of the mighty EXIT recordings, D-Bridge alongside Mc SP bossing out his reduced to the max sound for RBMA Radio.

Intro: Insertion – Sound Design by D-Bridge & SP
Instra:mental & Nico – Horse (Aptitude Vol 4) – Exit
Dom & Optical – Still VIP – Prototype Dub
Matrix & Dilemma – Sping Box – Genetic Stress
D-Bridge & Rufige Kru – Mirror – Metalheadz Dub
Krust – Soul In Motion – Full Cycle
Rufige Kru – Untitled – Metalheadz Dub
Klute – Silent Weapons (Photek Remix) – Certificate 18
Instra:mental – Thugtronik – Darkestral Dub
Calibre – Untitled – Signature Dub
Loxy – Lock Heed – Dub
Rufige Kru – One More Time – Metalheadz Dub
Goldie – Something About You (D-Bridge Mix) – Metalheadz
Calibre – Suddenly – Signature Dub
D-Bridge – Freedom Club – Exit
Rufige Kru – Is This Real VIP – Exit Dub
Boom Boom Satellites – Dub Me Crazy (Optical Remix) – R&S
Trace, Fierce & Optical – Sonar VIP – Prototype Dub
Break/D-Bridge/Fierce/Nico – Galleon – Quarantine
Ed Rush & Optical – Slip Thru (Amenizer) – Virus Dub

33 thoughts on “D-Bridge feat. MC SP – Trainwreck Mix for RBMA Radio 01/2008

  1. Hmm.. 60min ended with Is This Real. 4tracks too much in the tracklist. Thanks for the mix tho, good steady sound throughout.

  2. awesome, awesome, awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    many thanks, mr D Bridge !!!!!! real gangsta stylin’ =))))))))))

  3. Can anybody tell me the name of the track at 9mins that sounds like soul in motion?

  4. this mix ends at Rufige Kru – Is This Real VIP – Exit Dub.
    D-Bridge said on DOA they (RBMA) cutted his original mix so it fitted one hour… ;(

  5. Every now and then a tune comes along to knock you sideways…..

    42:20 – Goldie – Something about You (D-Bridge remix)

    as the SP says …’it’s gonna get serious now…’ No sh*t :-)

  6. wicked mix and unique in it’s own right but the tunes just too stripped back for me.. dope none the less

  7. baaaaaaaad mix.

    98 style in 2008 fashion…

    very outstanding – d-bridge always a step ahead :)

    the loxy one & the two new calibre bits rock!!
    the boymerang vip is bad too – think i never heard that one

  8. boymerang vip was on prototype years mix cd…. never got a release.

    i wish matrix still made stuff like like springbox rmx & mute instead of the that horrible stuff he is knocking out in the last 5 years.

  9. hor·ri·ble
    Arousing or tending to arouse horror; dreadful: “War is beyond all words horrible” (Winston S. Churchill).
    Very unpleasant; disagreeable.

  10. I agree with Two of the dudes comments on here – Glad to see DNB progress, but stripped back? it’l be so stripped it’ll be naked dnb soon – But anyway D-Bridge is undoubted but dnb really sounds all the same now, there used to be a choice.

  11. this mix is pure fire!!!!

    really love dbridges selection and mc sp puts some nice rhymes over it.
    wicked combination of dj/mc

  12. isn’t the tune after “Soul In Motion” – Marcus Intalex “Astro Dub”? Sounds more like Marcus- got a bit of some Autechre samples in there, yaddamean…

  13. It’s not too often that I’ll burn a mix to CD for the car ride, but that’s just what I did for this mix. This is the sound that got me into DnB in the first place, and it’s nice to hear it come full circle (again, as it has many times before). Excellent selection, top notch mixing, sick exclusives, just the right amount of MC for my tastes… just an all around solid listening experience.

  14. Dman, is mp3 of this that isn’t cut off available? Cuts off after ‘Is THis Real VIP’ but D-Bridge plays a few more tunes after that.

    Boom Boom Satellites – Dub Me Crazy (Optical Remix) – R&S
    Trace, Fierce & Optical – Sonar VIP – Prototype Dub
    Break/D-Bridge/Fierce/Nico – Galleon – Quarantine
    Ed Rush & Optical – Slip Thru (Amenizer) – Virus Dub

  15. Dub me crazy? Hadnt heard that in a while. Phyzikal Encounterz E.P from back in the day. good shit.


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