Aaron Jay – New Years Mix for Breaksblog 01/01/2008

Aaron Jay

info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Aaron Jay New Years Mix – Showcasing tunes and artists to watch for in 2008

We are a little late but here it is … Swerve Resident Aaron Jay with an exclusive & blissful New Years Mix for Breaksblog. This stuff is Big!

Ventas Rumba – ICR (DUB)
Spectra Soul – Adoration (DUB)
Dolly – Atom (DUB)
9th Wonder – Bal (DUB)
Deep Burnt Remix – Insiders (DUB)
Layers – Spirit (DUB)
Lost Hours – Icicle (DUB)
Columbo – Sabre & Vicious Circle (DUB)
Electronic Angels – Soul Intent (DUB)
Cooper – Breakage (DUB)
Rated – Naibu (DUB)
Think – Sub Wave (DUB)
Exodus – Mix Master Doc & Dan Marshall (Influence Records DUB)
Rain on Lens – Hobzee & Zyon Base (DUB)
Reflect – Paul T (DUB)
128 Miles – Soul Intent & Insiders (DUB)
Seeing Stars – Spectra Soul (DUB)
What Love Is – Eveson (Influence Records DUB)
I am the Black Gold of The Sun – 4Hero (Nuyorican Soul Remix)

30 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – New Years Mix for Breaksblog 01/01/2008

  1. eZ Aron Jay !
    Beautful mix tape =)

    Big Up´s…
    Brazil/Ṣo Paulo РSintoniz3d

  2. Still reeling from the first mix back in November.

    Hope to see more releases 2008, last year was dry.

  3. Must say I liked this mix a lot.. It was funny to see my father bobing to it as we rolled around the city. Arron, I hope things are well with you and all the creative source family. let it blast off around the world.

  4. Wat a guy, he looks like typical jungle guys aged 30+ who love at home with their mom

  5. That was banging! That Nuyorican Soul track such a classic I totally forgot about, just purchased it right off the bat of hearing this!

  6. @Jimmy_Boigers – me and aaron live a in bin actually…the reverb is amazing!

    big up Aaron, Influence looks to be a very promising label.

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