Chris Inperspective – DOA Spotlight and Mix 05/2011

Chris Inperspective


Deep and dirty beats by Chris Inperspective. Check out the full feature over at DOA for insight on past and future activities of Inperspective-Fam and friends. Highly recommended for all the heads out there.

Chris INP – Barbera’s Insanity
Chris INP – Otterley’s Dream
Chris INP – The New Way
Senses & Chris INP – Till The Storm Passes
Chris INP – Better Living
Profane – Kevlar Switch (Inperspective)
Senses & Chris INP – Side Period
Sinistarr – Scripted (Inperspective)
Antidote – Broken Spirits (Inperspective)
Chris INP – Just Being
NCQL – Thinking About What I’m Not (Inperspective)
Chris INP – Spirit Commander
Chris INP – Sparse Craft
Venison – Pink Castle Park No 2

6 thoughts on “Chris Inperspective – DOA Spotlight and Mix 05/2011

  1. Loving this!
    Are these tunes released yet, they are breathtaking!

  2. That last track is plain awesomeness!
    Where can I get it? Even discogs doesn’t know this one…

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