Bailey – BBC 1Xtra feat. Doc Scott 04/11/2009

Bailey Intanatty © Sara Maggioni


Doc Scott in the studio with a big interview & heavy mix! Pluss all the usual breaks, beats and dirty basslines and the D&B Top 5 Chart from Bailey!

A spot on selection by Baileys in this latest show taken from BBC 1Xtra. Also Mr. Doc Scott is in the studio telling us about his personal take on Drum and Bass, rude guests insulting big name djs due to being at the wrong nightclub and djs getting paid for pretending to dj. You will find alot of forthcoming 31 Records beats in here aswell.

Dave Owen — Yo Girl
The Upbeats — Bones (feat. Ned Worboys) Non Vogue
Flying Lotus — Tea Leaf Dancers (DnB Remix)
Calibre — Skool Amen
Furney — Song For Kong Good Looking
Original Sin — Dangerous Playaz
Potential Bad Boy — Fast Cars

D&B Chart
DJ Hazard — Tactix / Wicked So Playaz
Audio — Planet Fall / Pandorum Virus
Sub Focus — Sub Focus Ram
Jaydan — The Driller Killer EP Ganja Records

Number 1
Alix Perez — 1984 Shogun
Adam F — Metropolis Metalheadz

Digital — Deadline (Friske Remix)
Mist — Entropy Soul:R
Zero T & Moses — Video Drome
Ed Rush , Trace, Neco — Etrophincal
Nasty Habits — Shadowboxing
Doc Scott — Track 2
Doc Scott — The Unofficial Ghost Metalheadz

Doc Scott Live Mix
Soul Intent — Vapour Trailz 31 Records
Nymfo — Robocall 31 Records
Skeptical — 31 Dub 31 Records
Nether — Deep Echo 31 Records
Enei & Implex — Control 31 Records
Felix K — Ice 31 Records
Seba — You Don’t Love Me Anymore 31 Records
Method One — Aquamarine 31 Records
Despot — Rougue State 31 Records
Spy — Camouflage 31 Records
Goldie — Chemistry (Doc Scott Remix) FFRR
Total Sience & SPY — While You Were Sleeping CIA
Technical Itch — Pureakane
Thought — Kana VIP Freak
Chase & Status — Pieces (Live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2009)

14 thoughts on “Bailey – BBC 1Xtra feat. Doc Scott 04/11/2009

  1. dave owen has been knocking out some killer sample based tunes the last 18 months and absolutely NONE have come out on 12″..what the f**k is going on label owners?

    i enjoyed what doc scott had to say ;) maybe a monthly youtube rant is in order !!??

    metropolis still sounds better than everything played on that show. incredible tune.

  2. Metropolis will never age. Phenomenal tune.

    Looking forward to getting through this mix this morning.

  3. Big up to Doc Scott!

    @ adam,

    Dave Owen has a 12″ forthcoming on Influence next year titled Still Waters. Hopefully Yo Girl will be on the flip. But you are right, more of his tunes need to see a vinyl and digital release. Get at him label owners.

  4. Are you jokin about Yo Girl? that track is awful… sounds like a bedroom track & mixdown…

  5. Love that origin unknown tune! cant wait for the grow your wings album… roll on december the whatever it was.

  6. The doctor is about to operate!!!! sick mix from Doc,

    Tea leaf dancers could have made a nice dnb track but as usual it was another boring slap on a beat remix

  7. Doc is my hero, enjoyed this show very much.

    Hint: The dj not djing is a producer who took his artist moniker from an Japanese import car company and is part of Hospital. :)

  8. i know its late but thats possibly the sickest half hour ish of tunes i,ve heard for a while….big up Doc scott sir….31 records gonna have another big year if these lot are anything to go by…..proper dddeeeeeeeppppp!!!

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