Future Thinkin – Breakbeat Exploration Guestmix #3 11/2009

Future Thinkin

info: myspace.com/breakbeatexploration, www.future-thinkin.com

A mix by the Future Thinkin Collective for Breakbeat Exploration. Keeping true to their sound this mix goes deep and dangerous featuring a lot of stuff coming out on the Future Thinkin Digital outlet. As usual the distinctive talent of Shylo Mc is adding his lyrical talent to vibe it up. Some fine beats in here.

01. Blocks & Escher – Heartshaped (Horizons)
02. NuSense – Makes You Nervous (Dub)
03. Mode – Always & Forever (FTD)
04. Atmospherix & Sem – Voodoo (FTD)
05. Escher – Little Terror (FTR)
06. KDC & Verdy – How Long(FTD)
07. Flatliners – Winter Dub (FTD)
08. KDC – Iron Gate (FTD)
09. Mortem – 15.10.89 (FTD)
10. Kodama – My Fridays (FTD)
11. Sintez – Follow Me (FTD)
12. Escher – Late Snare (Dub)
13. Nusense – Marked (Dub)
14. Flatliners – Human Being (FTD)
15. Seba & Paradox – Red Tears (Secret Operations)
16. Subject 13 & Resound – Deep (FTR)
17. Escher – Dark Matter (FTD)
18. Grimm – Fire (FTR)

10 thoughts on “Future Thinkin – Breakbeat Exploration Guestmix #3 11/2009

  1. Amazing tunes in there, big thanks to the Future Thinkin crew for the mix !!
    Also all these tunes should be out by the end of the year apparently so keep an eye for them !!

  2. downloaded this from everydayjunglist about a week or so ago and have been listening to it on the daily ever since…. will def be on the lookout for these tracks. largeup the future thinkin’ crew!

  3. Thanks for the support guys! for those wanting to pick up the tracks, make sure you keep an eye out for the “Deeper Than You – Vol 1” Compilation – will be available from http://www.future-thinkin.com‘s music store in a few weeks =)

    & Big up everyone at Breakbeat Exploration for pushing this series! Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Escher – Dark Matter & Grimm – Fire……
    What can i say? Heavy heavy heavy !

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