Agzilla – Summer Mix 2010 05/2010



Agzilla started dj’ing in 1989, spinning hip hop and experimental breakbeat material of the likes of the Blapps Posse. His days of drum and bass began in 1990 when his attention turned to the styles of Shut Up and Dance Records. From there on he was among the young heads that pioneered the early underground rave scene in Reykjavik, Iceland.

This one has been about for a month now but wasnt covered by any “bigger” DnB Blogs so here we go … Agzilla from Iceland rolling out the contemporary beats in this two hours ride. There is an Album called “Cats can hear Ultrasound” promised to come out on Metalheadz by the man himself soon. Lots of new bits and blops inside.

Chemical Burn – Cj Weaver (Dub)
Life After Lihn – Gremlinz (Dub)
Give It – Consequences (Exit)
Neurology – Cj Weaver (Broken Audio Dub)
Distance – Seba (Metalheadz Dub)
Exsitance – Hlz Maurs (31 Records Dub)
Baggage – Data & Kingsin (Deep Soul Music)
Quarters – Sabre Feat. Noisia (Critical Music)
K Zero 9 – Outrage (Dub)
Wasted Youth – Need For Mirrorrs (Shugun Audio)
Amygdalae – Razor Point (Drone)
Void – Stranjha (Sour)
Captured – Heist (Metalheadz Dub)
Mysterious Ways – Clart & Glen (Quillin)
Clockwork – Mist (Soul:r)
Leviathan – Mecca (Subtle Audio)
Tribes – Lynx (Soul:r)
Future Funk Rmx – Soul Intent (Sour)
Wispers Of Scandal – Pessimist (Sour)
The Voices – System (Exit)
Undercurrents – Blocks (Horizons Dub)
Tomorrows Edge – Resound & Furi Anga (Dub)
Homesick – Mutated Forms (Allsorts/Grid Recordings)
There – Naibu (Inside Dub)
Wind Of Tears – Mindmapper (Broken Audio)
Emo – Sinistarr Feat. Agzilla (Play Musik Dub)
Hunted – Nolige (Dub)
Dreamcatcher Special Vip – Subwave (Metalheadz Dub)
Osaka – Acid Lab (Dub)
Pressure Point – Seba (Metalheadz Dub)
Final Flight – K-Dan (Broken Audio Dub)
Loneliness – Spy Feat. Riya (Cia)
Coopers Dream – Phobia & Jubei (Coded Music)
Xenomorph – Spy (Metalheadz Dub)
Tribal Roots Vip – Dbr (Dub)
Let Go – Soul Intent (Dub)
Fear This – Calyx (Metalheadz)
One More Time – Goldie (Metalheadz)
Dead Lock – Cause For Concern (Horizons Dub)
Sound Advice – Total Science (Cia)
Hurricane – Spy (Inneractive)
Dust Ball – Fracture & Neptune (Astrophonica)
Triangle – Mindmapper (Resurrection Hub)

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  1. looks tasty as a chilled cider in a heatwave….i’ll be avin some of that tanking u kindly

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