A Sides – Mixcloud Session 13/08/2009


info: myspace.com/asides

The Eastside and BassHead boss has had a busy year so far on both both sides of the Atlantic, representing both labels on the road and playing drum & bass and dubstep sets everywhere from Australia to Venezuela. Now working on his second album, A Sides has also been back in the studio recently for his latest solo single and several high-profile collaborations. Look out for upcoming appearances at Warning in Cambridge on the ’15 Years of Metalheadz’ tour and at the Sun & Bass festival in Sardinia, where the Serato ambassador will be heading up a special showcase.

Fun-loaded, fast-paced mix of fresh rollers. A healthy dose of dubby streetwise and bristolish jumpup beats inside with loads of sublow bass and lively drumwork. Wicked stuff!

Read the full A-Sides Q&A over at esp-international.co.uk

01. Winter Sun – Break
02. Forgetter Nights – Explicit
03. Conversations – Mutt Ft Kevin King
04. Chain Reaction – Die & Photek
05. Killing Time (Break Remix) – Noah D Ft Einstein
06. Go For Yours – Serum
07. The Clamp – Break
08. Eden Prime – Drum Cypha
09. Snake Fist VIP – Serum & Bladerunner
10. Mercenary Dub – Bladerunner
11. Insignia – Spectrasoul
12. Sequential Circuit – Deekay & Rawfull
13. Warriors – Serum & Bladerunner
14. The Execution (Serum Remix) – Spinback & Gwange
15. Broken (Sigma Remix) – Mclean
16. Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Sigma
17. Trident – Sato, Jubei & Treez
18. Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) – Total Science
19. Sorority Sleepover – Twisted Individual
20. Steady – Gridlok
21. Scrap Yard Dog – Heist
22. Cream Soda – Dan Miracle
23. High & Low – Lenzman & Redeyes
24. Evelyne (Worriesome) – Mutt
25. 3 Times Dope – Sappo
26. Remote Da Force – Digital & Lutin
27. Gutter Life – Serum
28. Slum Dub – S.P.Y
29. Down The line (Break Remix) – Alix Perez & Fats

10 thoughts on “A Sides – Mixcloud Session 13/08/2009

  1. wicked, no single A-Sides track in there. not even a rmx :o
    but the set is absolutely nasty. proper! makes my shitty day kinda enjoyable atm

  2. …and I wonder which dial is for “ridiculous wobble bass”…?

    Big up the Hornchurch don – always loved the Eastside sound, “Don’t Mess” from ’96 being a tune I regularly drop into sets even now, the steppy / choppy sound of spectrasoul et al have finally caught up with the future!

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