Kode9 – Mix for Sonar Festival 2007

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Here is the tracklist to a mix of my favourite tunes from the last year, some new, some old, I just finished for the Sonar Festival in Barcelona in June… I’ll post a link to the steam when i get it. It will be available on the free CD on the front cover of Go! magazine in Spain during June.

Heavy Mix by the one and ONLY Kode9. Check out the Interview Scans of Go! Magazine / Spain here and here. As you might have noticed, this week we have a some kind of a “Week of Dub” here at breaksblog – I hope that you dig it.

1. LV + Errol Bellott – ‘Globetrotting’ (Hyperdub)
2. Peverelist – ‘The Grind’ (Punchdrunk)
3. Massive Music – ‘Find My Way’ (Kode9 Remix) (Hyperdub)
4. King Midas Sound – ‘Cool Out’ (Hyperdub)
5. Digital Mystikz – ‘Blue Notes’ (DMZ)
6. The Bug feat. Flow Dan – ‘Jah War’ (Loefah Remix) (Ninja Tune)
7. Kode9 – ‘9 Samurai’ (Hyperdub)
8. Dabrye feat. Doom – ‘Air’ (Kode9 Remix) (Ghostly Int.)
9. Kode9 – ‘Stung’ (dubplate)
10. Digital Mystikz – ‘Lean Forward’ (dubplate)
11. Burial – ‘Stairwell’ (Hyperdub)
12. Cluekid & Cotti – ‘Sensi Dub VIP’ (Minus 30 Records)
13. Benga – ‘Electro Music’ (Tempa)
14. Kode9 & Warrior Queen – ‘Fuck You’ (dubplate)
15. Kode9 – ‘Magnetic City’ (Soul Jazz)
16. 2562 – ‘Channel One’ (dubplate)
17. Junior boys – ‘Double Shadow’ (Kode9 Remix feat. The Spaceape) (Domino)
18. Shackleton- ‘You Bring Me Down’ (Skull Disco)
19. Skream – ‘2D’ (Tempa)
20. Digital Mystikz – ‘Bury the Boy’ (DMZ)
21. Skream – ‘Bit Stream’ (Tempa)
22. Skream – ‘Losin’ Control’ (Tempa)
23. The Bug & Warrior Queen – ‘Poison Dart’ (Ninja Tune)
24. Kode9 – Konfusion (dubplate)
25. D1 – ‘Quantum Jazz’ (Tempa)

29 thoughts on “Kode9 – Mix for Sonar Festival 2007

  1. Then listen to Oldstep :)

    Totally feeling this, it’s high energy dub!

  2. Quote: “Am I the only one who doesn’t get Dubstep?
    It just leaves me cold. Must be getting old :-(”

    Funny…I feel the same way about d’n’b these days…;-)

  3. some time ago i did’t feel dubstep at all..but now more and more i find it interesting to me, it is becoming the second after dnb..everything needs to be listened more frequently, and maybe you get used to it’s vibe and atmosphere..

  4. FODÁ…………………………………………………………..


    Brazil connected !

  5. I gave dubstep a chance on several occasions… listening a mix usually results in:
    1. Nothing grabs my attention, the music is just there to block ambient sounds and lets me concentrate on work. If the work is boring, I yawn a lot. The mix finishes without me remembering what I just heard, except maybe an occasional interesting tune that gets to me (a rare thing).
    2. I dig the intro a lot, but then after that, it all becomes very boring, with the occasional eardrum suffering because of the screaming mc (3x louder than the music – same problem with dnb mixes sometimes). I stop the mix after 15min. and put a Fabio mix on. I dance in my chair while working.
    3. Girlfriend appears while a dubstep mix is on. I turn down the volume. After 10 min. I stop the mix, and put a Fabio mix on. We both nod or dance.
    4. I’m depressed and numb. A dubstep mix is the only thing in the playlist after I double-clicked on it on the desktop yesterday. I’m too lazy to search for something else, so I listen to it 5-6 times on repeat. After that, I’m still depressed.

    Maybe I should buy some big bad Genelec sub, and then give it a try (and jam with my neighbour!)… maybe it’s all about the low end. Or maybe I should give it a few more tries… dunno… the first time I heard Inner City Life, Pulp Fiction or the whole Journey Inwards, I went bananas, so I don’t think I should force it too much…

  6. It is hard to get into Dubstep until you hear it on a proper sound system. I know I didn’t like it that much at first but then I heard it on a proper system and I was impressed.

    You could also try smoking a spliff and then putting on a mix. It really gets to you then :)

  7. LOL Corea…..I Dont think i even get past the first tune when i downoad a dubstep mix by accident……BUT yeah i have to agree with jts412 that is best on a proper sound system ( probably )

    Only thing is nothing moves me like DnB and nothing ever gives me a tune for every mood im in or give me goosbumps when i hear ‘that’ tune.

    Maybe ill give this a go tho and see how far i get, cheers for the upload

  8. I’ve tried and tried to give it a go. I want to get into it. A few of my mates are into it. Fair play to em. But for me, the bottom line is you can’t get your swerve on to it. When does the ‘week’ of dub-step officially end? Someone let me know…. In the meantime I’m gonna listen to Bassdrive.

  9. haha yes, wen does this week end? the kuttin edge mix was good thou,( in the begining and at the end, but thers 15 minutes in the middle that i dont feel at all) YEEAHH!

  10. Wicked mix, great MUSIC.
    Stop whining like this was gay trance week, big up the editor cru ;)
    More like these please!
    Have a great w/e.

  11. “Am I the only one who doesn’t get Dubstep?
    It just leaves me cold. Must be getting old”

    felt this for breakcore, but dubstep is kinda cool. i dont like most of the “modern” d&b, so a mix of old d&b and new dubstep is the way to go (for me).

    btw: whats the name of the song in the vid?

  12. answering my own questions 4tw: The Bug feat. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart – wicked tune

  13. Well, you don’t need to like it. But it has become a part of D&B now, as many who used to do D&B now do Dubstep. I don’t get it either, but i occasionally listen to it, and it’s OK for one or two listening sessions. BUt the “proper system” argument is weak. It’s not like D&B isn’t also weak when listening to it with PC Speakers. It is actually.

    For me there is far better new and exciting music out there, but I think it has more to do with my musical background (never liked Dub or Reggae, although I love Ragga Jungle and all that 94 shit!) than with taste.

  14. lets just take it as it is – music. hybrid music. if youre into roots dub & subs & beats youre gonna like it, if not – dont mind

  15. I think this discussion about Dubsteb it critical! Dubstep is growing on me more and more, however, I feel that most of it is really boring. Though it is all worth it when a serious pressure rise emerges hitting that spot that is oh so hard to hit. -like knuckles says- “If youre into…beats youre gonna like it”

  16. EZ Batfish ;)
    I think it really depends on what sort of mixes you come across. Some may be on the dark tip, some on the lighter tip, some straight bangers and some plain halfstep dubbiness. For me it works if it’s across the board, just like I like my dnb. If you’re into liquid and all you come across is midrangy dnb mixes, you get the same result I guess…Distance from a genre.

  17. Man!

    Kode9 smacks the place. Dupstep movement grows everuday. Kode9 with his crew creates absolutely new sound. More and more people are involved in dubstep makin’, even some dnb heads changed their styles and are creating dubstep tunes now, such as juju, breakage, martyn.

    Guys, So what has happened? How UKG transformed to Dubstep?

  18. I felt the same way most dnb headz felt… I think it’s more of a case of the dnb headz just getting a little jealous over the fact that Dubstep is the new ” thing ” and that tons of Dnb people are slowly converting.

    Bottom line for me is that I’ve tried to put Dubstep mixes on my ipod and do my usual transport to work and expect what i’m listening to to carry me most of the way… Dubstep has failed to do so in that realm… but as far as seeing Dubstep live, I definitely GET IT… There is something about seeing that stuff live, on a reallly good sound system mind you, that is very deep and emotional… on a lot of different levels… and for me, it’s a whole different level.. I’d go to see a dubstep show for a completely different reason than why i go to see DnB live…

  19. Didn’t get it at first, now I love it. Taken over DnB for me. Different sounds throughout that mix.

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