Phil Source – Studio Mix August 2007

Phil Source - Studio Mix August 2007 Vampire Records

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Source Direct were a fixture in any self-respecting drum & bass head’s record collection throughout the ’90s > early noughties and following a break from the scene, Phil Source returned in August 2006 with his new imprint Vampire Records.

Phil is also making a welcome return to dj’ing and is available for gigs worldwide with MC System, who is also releasing music on Vampire + Diablo Records under his System and Lazune monikers.

Phil Source Studio Mix manages to go from classy darkness to deeper tunes to “true natty” tribalish beats without loosing the plot. Don’t Miss!

Phil Source – Studio Mix August 2007 Tracklist:
1) Alteria Motive – Lost Disciple
2) Soul Intent – Future Funk
3) NC-17 – Survival of the Fittest
4) Bal – Remembrance
5) Lazune – Final Enemy
6) Soul Intent – Hoth
7) Survival – Sidewinder
8) System – Final Whisper
9) Kiat – Madagascar
10) Jem One – Redemption of Man
11) Alteria Motive – Something Wicked
12) Randall and Vapour – The Last Stand
13) The Synth Sense – Walking Backwards
14) Spirit – New Generation
15) The Untouchables – Congaman
16) Studio 30 – Heaven (Qumulus Remix)
17) Kiat – Paradise Lost
18) System – Headache

Vampire Records Label Showcase Tracklist:
1) Teebee – Snakestyle Practice “Venom 2”
2) Grand Masterz – Toxic
3) Grand Masterz – The Dreamer
4) Stranjah and Gremlinz – Ruinz V.I.P
5) System – Planet Ogo
6) Grand Masterz – The Dreamer “Teebee’s Part II”
7) Dogma – Scanner Darkly
8) Grand Masterz – Shadow Technique
9) Rift – No Fear
10) Dogma – Contra
11) Grand Masterz – Decent Exposure
12) Gremlinz – Her

30 thoughts on “Phil Source – Studio Mix August 2007

  1. @ Andy^^

    erm…not exactly…got the Source…just no Direct…a little disappointed in this mix, really…was really hoping to hear more along the lines of the Instra:Mental stuff on Darkestral…mostly techy neuro bizness happenin’ here…oh well…guess I’ll go listen to some dubstep

  2. Bal – Remembrance

    Tune of the year so far for me. Where’s this one coming out?

  3. Really Enjoyed this mix.. some nice techy numbers and Im looking forward to getting hold of some of these tunes of vinyl soon!

  4. Disappointing mix this… too much like the tech step of the 1990s all aggression no funk :(

  5. i see no aggression, only deep and soulful vibes.

    dunno what you define as funk, but sure you won’t find liquid in there.

  6. sorry studio mix is mostly toss. In fact I found it offensively crap. Mainstream. Dire. Label showcase looks more promising but now I’m thinking that will be shit too..

  7. “well guys he does own vampire if you heard anything from the label you would know what to expect from this one.;)”

    And that’s exactly why I skipped this and skip Vampire releases at the shop :D

  8. @batfish

    yes, I realise it’s only one half, my point was SD were masters of the edit, and it was nice to see something is still going on even though you were quick to point out the obvious. I guess I should’ve been a little more specific for you :)

  9. Wow its good see one half of source direct back!!!!! I remember buying there vinyls back in the day!!! I wass so eagered for Serect Liasions’ when that came out….that blew me away!!!!! Hell i didn’t even have a deck back then…use creep into me bro’s room straight after he went to work!!!! However, i don’t think i will be listinin to the mix (i’m bit old fashion -( ……….just good to see ya back!!!!!!

  10. @ Andy

    EZ mate, wasn’t tryin’ to bait you or as you say “point out the obvious”…was really just agreeing with you over the fact that yes, Source Direct are/were masters of the edit…just not hearing any of that in this mix…sorry if you misinterpreted my post…


    I think you mean “hater” not “hatter”and no, I wasn’t…I absolutely rate SD as my all time favorite d’n’b duo…however I was not feelin’ this mix as a whole and I am simply stating that I was disappointed…too much aggro pre-millenial sounding tech-step bs going on…although I do like the System bits…heard it all before…nothing new for me…that is all…

  11. Vampire records releases all kick ass in my system here. Always puts a smile on my face :-) I look forward to more releases through them… screw the haters.

  12. phil aslett is bringing down the name SOURCE DIRECT with his new shitty music if you ask me. SOURCE DIRECT have had many phat tracks out since he left and the SD label is owned by Jim the original creator of SOURCE DIRECT whos had many top tunes to his name! Phils’ the fake ass wannabe posing sweet bwoy!

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