Orson @ Jaw Modulation 25/07/2007


info: jawmodulation.twoday.net, Orson @ myspaz

Pioneering the dubstep vibe in the Rhineland Area, Orson recently got back from Dub Wars NY and rolled out a Session for Jaw Modulation. Nuff dubs and dubby deepness inside.

King Tubby – Jamdung [Black Ark]
Horace Andy – Problems
Timeblind – Clear [Dubplate]
Digital Mystikz – Intagalactic [Dubplate]
Geiom – Hydro [Dubplate]
Mala – Save Me [Dubplate]
Clouds – Dust Blows Forward [Dubplate]
Loefah – Woman [Dubplate]
Coki – Beep [Big Apple]
The Bug – Jah War (Loefah Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Loefah – Horrorshow [DMZ]
Pinch – Answer [Dubplate]
Hijak – Butcha [Dubplate]
Coki – Officer [DMZ]
Benga – Blues [Dubplate]
Orson – My Star [Dubplate]
Loefah – Yourz [Dubplate]
Logos – Dollis Hill [Dubplate]
Kode 9 – Magnetic City [Soul Jazz]
Pinch – Cave Dream [Dubplate]
D1 – ? [Dubplate]
Mala – Neverland [DMZ]
D1 – Enigma (Remix) [Dubplate]
Asbo – Asbo1 [Dubplate]
Clouds – Cloud Lion [CDR]

2 thoughts on “Orson @ Jaw Modulation 25/07/2007

  1. Jesus.

    This is the first mix I’ve heard that isn’t worthy of being posted on breaksblog. The mixing was done very sloppily (constant pitch adjustments, etc.). For shame!

  2. i cant let that be the last comment, coz the mix is not that bad.. biggup orson for rinsin it at aachen’s hochschulradio..booh

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