Wilsh – IChiRyu Radio Archive 25/05/2008


info: myspace.com/wilshy | jungletrain.net

Played a lot more unsigned/unreleased stuff to push music I’m really feeling right now. Techy, choppy, deep, dark, jungle. Get on it!

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Chris Inperspective – It’s Been Fine {Dub}
Macc – Boomer {Immerse Dub}
Buzz – Subsonic {Dub}
Saburuko – Latency (Insight remix) {Horizons Dub}
June Miller – Malkovich {Dub}
Wilsh – Deep Set {Dub}
Madcap – Red October {Fokuz Dub}
Wilsh & Physikal – Outsource {Dub}
Seba & Krazy – Inkasso {Secret Operations)
Soul Delay – Ustad {Subtle Audio}
Shogun – Nautilus {Renegade Recordings 1996}
Phuture T – Singularity {Dub}
Instra:mental – Rogue {Darkestral}
Amplicon – My Nerves {Dub}
Nympho & Proxima – Headless Housefly {Frequency}
Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (A bootleg remix!!)

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