Lynx & Perez on Kiss FM – Forward Focus Radio 16/06/2008

Forward Focus


Live mix featuring Lynx & Alix Perez live on Melbourne’s Kiss FM … hosted by Joe Seven & Keir. Lots of new deep and deadly bits and pieces.

dBridge Ft. Instra:mental – Blush Response [Exit]
Redeyes – Clap Slap [CIA]
Calibre Ft. DRS – TV On [Signature]
Lynx & Alix Perez – Allegiance [Soul:R]


data – ??? [???]
Alix Perez & Lynx Ft. Kemo – Dangerous [Soul:R]
Eveson – Brooklyn [???]
Bop – In My Dreams [???]
Commix – Underwater Scene [Forthcoming Soul:R]
Data – Blowpipe [Forthcoming Revolution]
Lynx & Kemo Ft. Bango Collective & Dennis Jones – Apocolypse [Soul:R]
Lomax – Fifteen Sided Dice [Critical]
Sabre – Global [Subtitles]
Subwave – Think [Shogun]
Naibu – Here & Now [Influence]
Lynx & Aaron Jay – the Mule [31 Records]
Calibre – Sokitome [Signaure]
System & Phil Source – ??? [???]

20 thoughts on “Lynx & Perez on Kiss FM – Forward Focus Radio 16/06/2008

  1. its a good mix…

    can’t really hear what alex and lynx are saying but some good tunage….

  2. These boys absolutely smashed New Zealand this week. Had the pleasure of hanging out with them while they were over here and they are both absolutely sound dudes.

    Looking forward to re-living some of the tuneage that they were packing on tour with this mix. BIG!

  3. sokitome is pure danger, calibre on the hard tip still the best in the business.

  4. is this a legal station ?

    There are pirates in the UK that sound better than this !!

    Big ups to Lynx and Alex

  5. seriously badass tunes, mass respect!

    p.s.: big hello to the guys @ forward focus from a guy who spent his childhood in melbourne :-)

  6. Someone give the MC that introduces the mix a damn cough drop. Or tell him to just use his real voice, and stop pretending he’s badass.

    “Home of DROM AN BAYSSSS”

  7. EvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEvesonEveson

  8. that station needs the gordon ramsey treatment. as for the mix, its all getting a bit… well… dull? lifeless? few tunes towards the end were nice but wheres the soul of dnb gone? getting a bit too arty. like house with minimal. pushing boundaries? sucking balls

  9. riomx, just so you know – that’s actually kemo in the intro sting.

    sorry bout the drama with the mic’s etc. minor problem, the music was brilliant.

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