Toez – Studiomix & Interview for Breaksblog 03/2011

Toez | Textures Music Group


Toez is an amazing artist who writes music with a passion and an inspiration not common in drum and bass anymore. You can expect deep as well as summer vibes on his debut album “The Rosa Flow” inspired by the earlier days of drum and bass. Also, look out for the excellent remixes courtesy of Aquasion and Blade.

Here is the next big Textures Music Group related special – Supernice, extraclassy, laid back riddims in the mix by Toez. Lots of tracks from his debut album “The Rosa Flow” inside, check it out available now in all major download stores. Click “read more” for the Interview.

Please introduce yourself briefly…
My name is Toez, and for twenty years I’ve followed all forms of beat. Like Grooverider said ‘its all house music.’ Drum and Bass has just never failed to appeal throughout, and making my own has become the logical progression.

How would you describe your approach to making music?
My approach has always been simple. Never mind the science of digital production, just find a groove. Whether that comes from a melody on a synth, or from chopping up a 40 year old funk sample. If its running its running. The simplest sounding things are often the best, thats why producers like DJ Premier, Tony Touch and Clark Kent are my heroes.

Tell us more about the tracks on you new EP for TMG…
These songs are a roll through the spectrum of the Liquid genre I’ve built and loved. They vary from classic house inspired ‘The Rock’, to the Rollers sound ‘(I Know) You Love Me’ to tracks like ‘California’ who’s inspiration is in old Main Source and Gangstarr joints. The underlying theme though is funk. Simple, and thankfully I was blessed that Textures rolled with it too!

What else have you been working on recently?
Little else frankly! I’m not the most productive producer, after all it took me 14 years to send out my first demo! I’ll only develop something if I really like it, quality over quantity is paramount.

Got any other release in the pipeline we should look out for?
I’ve a nice little piece called ‘Silk Roller’ which hopefully will see release on the exciting Soul Deep imprint soon, and additionally a funked out track ‘They Shoot Horses’ I love, thats been picked up and is forthcoming on Pitbull Recordings.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
I’d just like to thank all the people who’ve supported me so far and provided invaluable advice. Big up Jay Aquasion, Melos, PMX, Andy Sim, Paisox, Chris Inperspective, Soultec and all others I’ve bumped into. This is a very healthy form of beat and the talent is bursting out of it! Peace.

13 thoughts on “Toez – Studiomix & Interview for Breaksblog 03/2011

  1. Very average mix. C’mon Breaksblog exercise some quality control please.

  2. Tracklisting:

    Toez – ‘Wife & A Life (Angel Eyes)’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Holland’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Quaker’s Roll’ Unsigned
    Toez – ‘California’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘The Rock’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Love Lost’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Holland’ (Aquasion Remix) Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Silk Roller’ Soul Deep Recordings
    Toez – ‘Bada Bing!’ Unsigned
    Toez – ‘Save That Groove’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘They Shoot Horses’ Pitbull Recordings
    Toez – ‘Love Lost’ (Blade Remix) Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘Life Soup’ Unsigned
    Toez – ‘I’m The One’ Textures Music Group
    Toez – ‘(I Know) You Love Me’ Textures Music Group

  3. Hey, im not sure if Bukem is still is quote-worthy ;) Anyways this mix is all about the music by Toez rather than showcasing the most advanced mixing technique.

  4. Toez, tru sound!

    sight4sound, can you please point me to the 15 tracks you made and mixed so I can comment on the quality.

  5. Thank you all for comments and critique! No matter how scientific the music gets, it’s still an artform not a science. Peace

  6. whats that sample on they shoot horses…… Ive heard it before and cant get it out of my fucking head. Thanks anyways and the beats are proper.

    california kidz

  7. …respect cali kidz, appreciate the appreciation. The sample is from ‘Give Me Your Love’ by the legend Curtis Mayfield.

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