2LIP – February Mix 2005


host & info: dj-2lip.com

DJ 2LIP is currently residing in Maastricht ( NL) and organising Drum & Bass events called liquid~passion together with daradar. As the name already reveals, the main focus is on the more melodic and soulful style of the genre. He is also party of the Dopey Daze collective from Nuernberg (D), which organizes outdoor dance parties since 1997.

01 chasing dreams – system (future thinkin)
02 1 in a million – soulproof (fokuz)
03 hold you tight – Henree (diverse products)
04 shelter – soulproof (fokuz)
05 pull your body – dc. & kubiks (31 records)
06 bride of funkenstein – craggz & parallel forces (product)
07 paranoid – marcus intalex (revolve:r)
08 remember – mathematics & tactile (social studies)
09 montpellier – marky & a-sides (eastside)
10 legends of love – funky technicians (liq-weed ganja)
11 turnaround – ill logic & raf (bingo)
12 dreams – matt & outlook (x-tinction agenda)
13 hell hath no fury – klute (commercial suicide)

8 thoughts on “2LIP – February Mix 2005

  1. to be more precise, the dopey daze crew is from Altdorf, but as nobody would know, where the heck that is, I chose to write nuremberg ;). you can find more info here: http://www.die-analogen.de
    the next outdoor party will probably take place at the beginning of august. hope to see you there!


  2. ahh , okay , i know that , i been there , i think 98,99..i can’t remember, but i know it was verry nice. and i think , the analogen guys , i met them last year in the radio-z, the made a live performance with pc and synth, do you also was there??and i will mail , you for guestmix on my show, maybe with an interview ore something….cheers bg

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