Subversive Renaissance 18 Amsterdam 04/2007


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Latest edition of IChiOne’s Subversive Renaissance night at the Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina in Amsterdam. This time featuring an exclusive “Influences” DJ set by Paradox and mixes by Nucleus, Trax, Big Eye, John Doe… and last but not least a dubstep mix by T-Mus.

# Paradox
Dillinja – You Dont Know Remix – LOGIC
The Sentinal – Genesis – BASEMENT
Crystl – Crystlize – DEEJAY
J Majik – Reportoire – METALHEADZ
Futurebound – Blue Mist – TIMELESS
Source Direct – The Crane – SOURCE DIRECT
Arcon 2 – The Beckoning – REINFORCED
Dillinja – Violent Killa – VALVE
Matrix – Convoy – PROTOTYPE
Odysse – Object – 720 DEGREES
Mixrace & Protonisospace – Kings – TIMELESS
Futurebound – The Emphresis – TIMELESS
Crystl – Meditation – DEEJAY

# T-Mus
00 Kyuss – Space Cadet
01 Robbing Hood – The Proposition
02 Reform – Hagikure
03 Parson – I Knew These People
04 Two Oh One – Daark
05 Brklss – Sunday Rain
06 ANS – the Lion the Witch
07 Side9000 – Dhun
08 El Rakkas – Play Another Dubplate
09 Deapoh – Murkey Swamp
10 4QUA’s – The Real Mahatma (Two Oh One remix)
11 Not In My Name – Injured
12 Gravious Angel (vs Miles Davis) – Billy Preston Dub
13 Autechre – Second Ping (Threnody remix)
14 Jason Burns – Oracle
15 Miretz – Dub1329
16 Shonky – Drunken Master
17 XI – ? (Caligraphy or Deception)
18 X-Zero – The Key
19 El Rakkas – Call on Jah Name
20 Doe Maar – Als De Morgen Komt (edit)
21 Ekstrak – Mass Dampers
22 Larynx – Access Granted
23 Tool – Eulogy (Max Ulis remix)
24 Scuba – Twista
25 Two Oh One – Ghost Train
26 MacKoall – So Strong
27 Reform – Stone

23 thoughts on “Subversive Renaissance 18 Amsterdam 04/2007

  1. yeah, Paradox dropping some absolute classics – would love to hear a proper new set from the dude though…

  2. damn can’t place that first tune in the nucleus set, anybody knows this one???

  3. Good lord are there some gems in the Paradox set. Classic! Always a crack up on the mic too 8)

  4. AMAZING set from Dev (tho the last track is Warpdrive, NOT Meditation from Crystl dudes)


  5. hahahaha Dev on the mic, too funny

    get this now people, Paradox rarely does this!

  6. Yes Yes indeed Running Order is very much correct!!! PARADOX RARELY DOES THIS!!! O_O! I should know I practicly myself got some many collections of his live sets burn on cd. and pretty much stored away in my archives for historical value man!! Everything this man does I record because he’s the “main sphere” of his own unique [Drum Funk] style sound. Once this Drum n’ Bass Junglist Specialist is GONE AND RETIRED…!!! His music will cost alot more than some because of his [Esoteric] samples from the 70’s Funk Bands like Ian Carr and Nucleus or Harvey and the Groovers.

    Dev Paradox “Loved by many……but rarely understood some!

  7. ohh my mean Dev Paradox “Loved by many..BUT rarely understood BY SOME!”

    sorry for da second post man!!!

  8. Dev is such a legend.. I usually hate anyone on the mic but with this track selection I can’t hate in any way.. And maaaaan do those Futurebound tracks and Repertoire consistently put me in a good place. That vocal at the end man.. WHY DO YOU MAKE CRAP TRACKS NOW J!?!?

    sorry for the caps

  9. i saw paradox in nyc a few months back. he was on the mic cuttin up on pendulum/gdub, etc… it was fucking hilarious.

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