MetalX & Naphta – Live @ ItsTooLoud Radio 13/04/2007


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again, big up to the one like Naphta and Beebe for passing through the show. look forward to those tunes real soon! [MetalX]

Naphta brings back the excitement of soundclash culture. Some brilliant tunes to come.

01. Naphta – I Need You (forthcoming on Fear)
02. Mutt – Lets Get Away (dub)
03. ACG & Space Ear – Deep Charge (dub)
04. ICR & Matt U – Drop Everything (Deformed)
05. Icicle & Switch – These Golden Days (Avalanche)
06. Random Movement – Infinite (Progress)
07. Psidream – Inner Strength (Fokuz)
08. soulTec & Joey – Jazz Theme (dub)
09. Seba – Morning Glory (Combination)
10. Hek187 – Enemy’s Inside (Plain Audio)
11. Temulent & J.Initial – Domino Effect (Exegene)
12. Cycom – Mathematics (Plain Audio)
13. Macc & Dgohn – 15 Bit (Mindrush)
14. Fanu – Orient Dawn (13 Music)
15. Iaka – Rumpelkiste (Plain Audio)
16. Cartridge – No Data (Plain Audio)
17. Naphta – I Need You (forthcoming on Fear)
18. Naphta – Jungle Republic (forthcoming on Fear)
19. Naphta – Cant Stop (forthcoming on Fear)
20. Naphta – Copy Rider (forthcoming on Fear)
21. Naphta – Prince Trojan (forthcoming on Fear)
22. Naphta – Soundclash 1 VIP (forthcoming on Fear)
23. Naphta – Bagman Skank (forthcoming on Fear)
24. Naphta – Fully Loaded (forthcoming on Fear)
25. Naphta – Still Sampling II (forthcoming on Fear)
26. Naphta – Street Dancing (forthcoming on Fear)
27. Naphta – Wont Stop (forthcoming on Fear)

43 thoughts on “MetalX & Naphta – Live @ ItsTooLoud Radio 13/04/2007

  1. havent heard tunes like this for a long while… sounds excellent! props dawgies

  2. This website is prejudice to American DJ’s and Producers. Your a bunch of pussies for not being true to the scene. We will win as we have in the past and always will. Big up to US DnB, after all the sounds of DnB are and always will be US culture remixed. Just try to produce DnB without any American Culture you bunch of limp dick fags.

  3. his website is prejudice to American DJ’s and Producers. Your a bunch of pussies for not being true to the scene. We will win as we have in the past and always will. Big up to US DnB, after all the sounds of DnB are and always will be US culture remixed. Just try to produce DnB without any American Culture you bunch of limp dick fags.

    bull shit bro

  4. @distorted vibe:
    spam on, brother. close in and make dnb your private little thing!
    see u in the next documentary about nationalist movements in north america.

  5. @ Distorted Vibe:

    What you say makes absolutely no sense at all…

    Look at the frontpage, I see a Stunna mix and tons of sets which feature tunes by US producers. It’s about good music and not about in which country it’s produced. If you think there’s a lack of US dj’s and producers on Breaksblog, send in some mixes and stop being a cry baby.

    And on all dnb sounding like US dnb, give me one example of a typical US dnb tune that has been imitated in Europe / The UK, because I can’t think of one. Stop being so narrow minded, dnb is a worldwide thing. Producers all over the world inspire and influence each other, but you’re putting it like it’s some kind of competition, a race between countries. Nice for you, but I think most people here on Breaksblog come here looking for great music (Wherever it may come from) and not for reading ridiculous nationalistic rants.

    On topic:

    Heavy mix, really like the forthcoming Naphta tunes :)

  6. respect to one like NAPHTA for passing through! [ontologic] w/ MetaLX every 2nd friday of the month on Itstooloud Radio. big up to the Itstooloud and Subvertcentral crews!

  7. Mutt – Let’s get away with it

    o_O dope!!

    This is one of the greatest DnB-Mixes this year so far!

  8. @ Distorted Vibe, wow. That just seems a little unprovoked. I can see at least 3 American producers in this very mix. I’m an American and I’m not complaining, I like that they are selective towards what they post on here. 90% of all DnB produced is garbage anyway. That doesn’t mean it’s not my favorite thing in the world, you just have to be selective. Here in America most DnB is geared towards the Dark & Heavier DnB anyways, which is less common on this board. I’m sure you can find many other boards that have tons of that stuff, from America even, that are not US based.

    As for DnB producers using samples and what not from American music to create their own, so what? Music is wonderful in that it bonds people of every walk of life. It is universal and not for anyone set of people to lay claim to. Music is meant to be shared, to be creative no matter where your inspiration comes from. Would you rather the songs you listen to that have these samples of not been made?

    Sorry for the rant, I love Drum and Bass. Music should bring us together but some will use it to push us apart.

  9. Distorted Vibe = George W Bush

    metal x and naphta comin thru with some amazing shit, FUCK THIS MIX IS HEAVEN!!!

  10. ya gotta lock your shit out…maybe someone jumped on and posted under his…at any rate…as an American just give me all the dope and smart UK dnb like this mix..

  11. Love Naphta’s emphasis on sampling and the good use of samples. Good stuff 8)

  12. Im not sure if your referring to Naphtas tunes, but (as he mentions on the show) I can tell you that all his stuff are new productions and will be coming out on an album ‘Long Time Burning’, which will be released on ‘The Fear’ later on this summer.

  13. D’n’B is from the UK, everyone else got on the band wagon about ten years late, so shut up you fucking haters, thats just the way it is, Heavy Metal & Drum and Bass, please, wake up and smell the coffee.

    Bad mix monsier metalX, repect to

  14. C’mon Trichomes. Dont be such a tool. Thats far too simplistic an analysis to be taken seriously. Jungle wouldnt have happened woithout rave/hip-hop and reggae. Rave came from House and Acid house which came mainly from the Chicago and Detroit, Reggae is from Jamaica, and Hip-Hop came from New York.

    Metal’s the same – it came specifically from the Blues inspired guitar scene in Britain in the 60’s. Never would have happened if it wasnt for Robert johnson and the emergence of Blues in the South in the 20s and 30s, and the electrification of blues that followed as the music travelled North and mutated into R+B/Rock n Roll inspiring early metal pioneers like Beck, Iommi, Page and a host of others.

  15. definitely luvin’ the first 40 or so minutes. soulful, heartfelt, funky dnb. 01. Naphta – I Need You !!!!!!!….major deepness. BTW….from US myself, but I couldn’t give a rip what country the dnb is from. Good dnb is just good dnb no matter what side of the planet it was made on. Big up’s to all you great producers and dj’s around this globe. Much appreciation to breaksblog for bringin it to the people!

  16. how can a mix post turn into a music history lesson?

    everytime i come on here ppl blow me away with their stupidity and over blow egos.its a fucking mix get over it.
    go out,get some fresh air in your lungs.maybe actually hit a club once in your life.
    big up jamar.

  17. Bizarre Says:

    “And my penis is bigger so, please…”

    the one in your mouth doesn’t count.

    back on topic, great selections, on the dl.

  18. FUCKIN NAPHTA!!! He’s so good. After his early releases on Bassbin I have been fiending more of his tunes BUT haven’t been gettin my fix. NOW IS THE TIME! Can’t wait for his new album to drop. He is a good man. AND, I love his tempo changes within the tunes. I completely agree with him that there isn’t near enuff of dat in jungle deeeeeeeeez daze. I hope he keeps rockin deez tunes tuff. AND I hope that his new album comes out on FEAR with a FULL VINYL RELEASE! If it doesn’t, I will be very dissapointed. and, to all you bickering crybaby nationalist wanker sucka ass fools, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC & SHUT UP!!! FUCK OFF & DANCE!!!

  19. my grandma invented DNB. RIP grandma.

    *Breaksblog needs an age limit. Too many kids who don’t understand the concept of MUSIC are wasting my poor eyes worth time.

  20. I have seen mixes from DNB artists from all over the world on this site. Distorted Vibes must have had a bad trip and just came over here to talk senseless shit.

    I guess he doesn’t visit the site too often, as mixes from Stunna and Atlantic Connection, two US artists making serious marks on DNB and getting BIG support, have recently been featured.

    Simply cause there isn’t a mix from an American artist each day doesn’t mean that the site is prejudiced. It’s also apparent that he must not know much about the origins of dnb altogether, or the fact that it is relatively new in the US, so it only makes sense that more British and European artists are going to be producing and are featured more frequently.

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