Soulution Radio July 06 – 20/07/2006

Soulution Radio


Breakfast with Marcus.. A rather peculiar dream involving fabio woke me with a need to make radio at 8am. Which results in this 50 minute offering for July.. Hope you enjoy..

Tomorrow’s music today – as featured on the Soul:R website. Some really really slick tunes on here!

1. Break and Survival – Cronk.
2. Nu Tone – Beatnik.
3. Calibre – Luminous.
4. Marky & Total Science – Tunnel Vision.
5. Seba & Robert Manos – Heaven Sent.
6. Stan and Mook – Legal.
7. Marcus Intalex – Bitter End.
8. Ruffige Crew – Special Request.
9. Amit – Suicide Bomber.
10. Calibre – Past Imperfect Future Tense.
11. Calibre and Zero Tolerance – Ms Behavin.
12. Calibre – seriously wikkid jazz roller with no real title as yet…….

25 thoughts on “Soulution Radio July 06 – 20/07/2006

  1. wicked! I look forward to these so much now.. oh, and Calibre is a bad bad bad bad man.. the Seba tune is deeep as well, keep it coming

  2. calibre has always been a solid producer but lately hes been absolutely killing it for me. thanks for the mix!

  3. Calibre’s been number 1 in my ears since i heard his tunes on plate at swerve in 99. i agree with sdfone..this set is all about the last one…the ultra cool vibraphone tingles, cruisy double bass lick , trademark beats and the cheeky sax styleeee make this one the bizness……..then intalex said he made 16 in the last month…….

  4. What is the tune between the Marky/ Total Science tune and Heaven Sent?

  5. What a way to start this week. Another Soulutional masterpiece.

    Thanx to Marcus Intalex

  6. Marky & Total Science – Tunnel Vision
    Seba & Robert Manos – Heaven Sent
    Calibre and Zero Tolerance – Ms Behavin

    MASSIVE TUNES!!!!!!!!!

  7. a little late on the post here but I think that Beatnik is Nu Tone’s best work in a long while. simple, not too fancy. just nice


    5. Seba & Robert Manos – Heaven Sent.
    6. Stan and Mook – Legal.

  9. marcus has nailed it again.. the closing three calibre tracks – WHHOOAAA!

    proper wicked jazzy thing mate..

  10. I have been masturbating to this for 24 hrs straight, and i’m ignoring the pain its so good…..uggghhhh

  11. nice tunes as expected from soulultion radio. Not impressed with bitrate quality though ;( 64kbps? ffs show the music some respect!

  12. “cascades of colour” shows up in there somewhere…right after tunnel vision??? what happened to that tracklist?!

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