Soul Intent @ Kemet 97.5FM Nottingham 07/05/2008

Soul Intent


Soul Intent rolling out the newschool beats in a oldschool fashion. Catch him live every tuesday at midnighton Kemet FM. Grab this if you are into mean and heavy beats.

autumn – winters end – dub
bal – blow up – dub
chris inperspective – aftercare – dub
hobzee & zyon base – red letter (survival rmx) – dub
nolige – spider – cylon dub
outrage & resound – cryonize – function
skitty – steelers – free mp3
soul intent – hoth – vampire dub
serum – war cry – function
prolific – focus – rufige dub
break & survival – dawn – dnaudio
naibu – chaos thru windows – dub
niskala – troublesome – dub
niskala – dissent (dan miracle rmx) – intasound
nc-17 – survival of the fittest – mac ii dub
justice league (loxy, gremlinz, matt-u, munk, spineline) – the justice league – mac ii dub
jem one & vapour – one click trick – dub
jonny (ill motive rmx) – free mp3
temper d – no favours – tdp
dead prez – hip hop (bootleg)
morphy – belly dance – function?

16 thoughts on “Soul Intent @ Kemet 97.5FM Nottingham 07/05/2008

  1. Nice set but are those adverts for real? Revenge of a black woman sounds *interesting*

  2. nice1 breaksblog! I will do a ‘proper’ mix for the site soon i promise.

    yes those adverts are REAL, and blatantly the best part of my show :)

    thanks as always to the artists and labels for sending over the tunes.

    Make sure yuo tune into the show next Tuesday (13th) as I will be joined by old skool legends Nebula II (Reinforced Recs). 97.5FM Nottingham or

    shabba !

  3. downloaded and on its way to my mp3 player for the ride home from work. hopefully i wont be buzzin tooooo much and get run over. lol. anyhow, soul intent i like you tunes, is it electronic angels ive heard of~? if so, siick tune mate. props.

  4. Nice mix, but the recoding is completey mono – too bad! -> Rejections.

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