Flight – Live @ Swerve, The End 07/05/2008

Flight - Live @ Swerve, The End 07/05/2008

info: myspace.com/littlemissflight

Just posting up a quick blog with the link to download most of my set from Swerve at The End here in Londonium last night – fresssshhh!!!


01. 4 Hero – Look Inside (Nu:Tone Remix) [???]
02. Influx UK – Gliese [DUB]
03. Ill Logic & Raf – Complex Identities [DUB]
04. D-Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa [EXIT]
05. Makoto ft Deeizm – Monotonik [BINGO]
06. Bill Riley – In At The Deep End [PROTOCOL]
07. Marcus Intalex – Vintage [DUB]
08. Edward Oberon – The Killing [DUB]
09. Subwave – Think [SHOGUN AUDIO]
10. Mosus & S.P.Y – Whistle Back [DUB]
11. S.P.Y – 8 Bits [SOUL:R]
12. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd [SIGNATURE]
13. Survival – Ethereal [PLAY:MUSIK]
14. Alaska & Nucleus – Aufeis [ARCTIC]
15. Breakage & Rohan – Ruff Dub [BASSBIN]
16. D-Bridge & Rufige Kru – Mirror [METALHEADZ]
17. Hydro & Naibu – Secrecy [HORIZONS]
18. Survival – Portal [DUB]
19. Radiohead – Idioteque (D&B Bootleg) [???]
20. Seba – As Long As It Takes [COMBINATION]
21. Calibre ft DRS – You Used To Listen [SIGNATURE]
22. Makoto ft Deeizm – Release The Bird [DUB]
23. Craggz & Parallel Forces – Woman [PRODUCT]

42 thoughts on “Flight – Live @ Swerve, The End 07/05/2008

  1. muchos gracias miss flight….always a pleasure…plus the bonus of a bill riley track…..where did that man disappear to?

  2. apparently bill riley went into making movie scores or something… i love his ep on fcy/the chill etc… classic cycle bizness ;)

    “You Used To Listen” is so refreshing… breaking the rules of dnb once again.

  3. Where did you get the swerve set from? Do they record their mixes there regularly?

  4. Yeah yeah. It’s proper wicked to hear some old Riley business in a modern set. Still as rough as ever.
    Bring back the Riley !

  5. anyone know what the tune is from 28-32 mins?

    vibing these:

    17. Hydro & Naibu – Secrecy [HORIZONS]
    18. Survival – Portal [DUB]
    The best thing i’ve heard from Survival yet.

    and that Calibre and Drs tune near the end is tight.

  6. When are you playing out next Nezzy? Will come and see you, spesh after that big claim there.

  7. 12. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd [SIGNATURE]

    i’m assuming this is the tune with the bloke singing….cracking tune.

    Had this mix on repeat…so many class tracks.

  8. [Comment ID #406356 Quote]

    I can mix but I don’t claim to be DJ.

    Bob Fast I frequently go to Swerve and was there on the night. I have also heard Flight play out many times. I know she can mix tightly but I personally felt that the mixing on this set was a sloppy. I appreciate the fact that she upped the mix and I loved the selection though.

    Just stating my opinion. You are more than welcome to do the same.

  9. i only really noticed one boots n the dryer moment. Thought the other transitions were smooth enough. Crackin track selection.

  10. [Comment ID #406899 Quote]

    Birthday is normally in October. Last one was incredible. Shy FX KILLED IT!!!

  11. yeah ignore me, i was saying that looking at the picture….which is actually fabric innit?

    gutted i missed the swerve 10th b’day

  12. Ive been causing confusion, sorry. The picture was taken in Wuppertal, Germany a couple weeks back.

  13. [Comment ID #406946 Quote]

    Feeling the thing you’ve done with The Insiders. 128 miles? Rugged!

  14. nezzy Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 17:46:52 [ Quote ]
    Nice selection, shame about the mixing……

    Great track listing, the hydro & naibu track is sick.
    Gotta agree with nezzy the mixing is pretty poor, and it aint the first time have heard flight put a mix up thats not as tight as you would expect for a swerve set…
    a tight mixer like Aaron Jay puts flights skills to shame..

  15. just got around to checking this properly ,lots of good tracks i like that ethereal bit.

  16. just got around to checking this properly ,lots of good tracks i like that ethereal bit.

  17. [Comment ID #408724 Quote]

    There’s a big difference between studio mixing and live mixing. Flight does great in the studio, and she’s proven that in her radio shows. When you play live, there are many more factors that can break your concentration or cause minor mistakes.

  18. [Comment ID #409130 Quote] I agree riomx but I’ve heard many DJs play a seamless set in the lounge at The End because the set-up is very good.

    I don’t expect DJs to be robots so I can accept minor mistakes BUT if a DJ is putting his/her live sets up on the web (which Flight did do in this case) I would expect them to put up a technically good mix with excellent tunes because the intended audience demand nothing less.

    I have great respect for Flight and it’s only because of that respect that I felt a little disappointed with this mix listening back to it.

  19. you guys are hilarious, this mix isn’t bad by any means. Mixing isn’t robotic but it’s still good.

    big up to miss Flight

    -Jay Blueprint

  20. [Comment ID #409180 Quote] Last thing I wanted to do is cause a fuss. Everybody is welcome to their own opinions whether they agree with mine or not.

  21. you would not buy a CD if it contained clanging, I think she should have more quality control on the mixes put up for download.. surely this site is for feedback even if the feed back is not so good.

  22. [Comment ID #409180 Quote]

    :script: maybe you guys are moaning because you are used to ableton/acid/whatever created mixes? …

  23. [Comment ID #409233 Quote] Don’t get me started on that topic…..lol

  24. Re: the quality of mix.

    Just good to hear how DJ’s adlib when it goes wrong too hey, there were some tight amalgamations in there.

    At least the mix wasn’t butchered by MCs like that sweet mix by Calibre (another story!!)

  25. [Comment ID #409233 Quote]or perhaps to perfect mixing on decks?

    anyway i appreciate that the mix got uploaded and im used to fact that lot of djs won’t mix perfectly.

  26. 10. Mosus & S.P.Y – Whistle Back [DUB] …it’s just mosus (advanced in sep or oct)
    …nice one doh’

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