Sol.ID – A Closer Look, Studio Mix 02/2007


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Inspired from a highly diverse musical background as a classically trained saxophonist and percussionist, in addition to a well defined taste in music across the spectrum, Sol.ID was born. David Butler is placing his own unique brand of funk on the international Drum & Bass scene in his dj’ing and production.

Sol.Id from Texas comes again with a heap of nice and fresh tunes in the mix. Check.

Sol.ID & Cybass – 4AM – Rubik Records Dub
The 2FunkyZ – Music – Dub
Kubiks & Lomax – Things to Come – Phunkfiction
Stunna & Sol.ID – State of Urgency – Dub
Sol.ID & Zyon Base – World of Emptiness – Dub
Icicle – Magnetism – Fokuz
Lenzman – Deeper than You – Dub
Pentagon & Ethix – Black Sea – Hospital Dub
Naibu – Broken Dreams – Dub
Sol.ID & Cle – Contusion – Dub
Redeyes & Mutt – Virtue – Prestige Music
Sabre & Jubei – The Struggle – Scientific Wax
Saburuko – Cairo – Future Thinkin Dub
Theory – Special Request – Vibe’z Dub
Style Control – Devil’s Wind – Dub
Dan Marshall & Prime8 – Jungle Jazz – Brigand Dub
Electrosoul System & Subwave – One – Phuzion Dub
Kubiks & Lomax – Systematic – Rubik Records
Duo Infernale – Against the Grain – Dispatch Dub
Will Miles – Together in Autumn – Miles A. Head Dub
Sabre – Glimpse the Prospect – Integral Dub
Zyon Base – Ghetto Blues – Dub

42 thoughts on “Sol.ID – A Closer Look, Studio Mix 02/2007

  1. Finally another Sol.ID mix hits breaksblog! I could use some of this today fucking Boston ice storms got me all pissy.

  2. Deep beats commin’ from the deep south.
    Lovin’ this on a cold florida day.
    Big Up to Sol.ID—– :)

  3. Absolute shite, you people are all insane..

    only kidding.. top quality mix.. anything featuring tunes by Sabre, Icicle, and Redeyes is always going to be schweet!

  4. are you kidding me??

    this is easily one of the best mixes i’ve heard this year.

    big UP!

  5. possibly one of the finest mixes that I’ve ever heard on Breaksblog. This blew me away. The mixing is tight and the tune selection is second to none. I hope to see more of Sol.ID in the future, and maybe catch him live. All the best sir.

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